The latest update is causing problems on some systems

The latest update is causing problems on some systems

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As usual, Microsoft recently released its Patch Tuesday, which is released every second Tuesday of the month for a security update. December edition Fixed less than 22 significant security vulnerabilities found in Microsoft operating systems. Unfortunately, for some users, the update caused annoying issues.

Anxiety is expressed by the appearance of the famous blue screen of death, which forces the user to restart his machine. However, in this current case, this solution may not always be sufficient. Many computers affected by the blue screen problem do not want to restart. So to fix the problem you need to go with Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Some affected users

The good news is that only a small number of users are affected by this error. It appears that this issue only affects engines under version 10/2001/2 of Windows 10, in which an SSG check was launched via the “Sectisk” command.

Company of Redmond Confirms that there is an error following its last link and that it only affects a small number of users. Microsoft pointed out that a bug has already been developed and that it will be used very soon on all the machines involved.

The U.S. company still shares a solution if the problem persists despite the bug. Advanced options provided following the appearance of the popular blue screen – you have to go to the option, then at the command line. You must type “chkdsk / f”, wait for the process to finish and finally exit. Windows 10 should then restart normally.

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