He makes history by participating in an American football game

He makes history by participating in an American football game

A little kick to her. And a big step for the feminist cause. Sarah Fuller, 21, became the first woman to compete in the “Power 5” game this Saturday, entering a commitment for the Commodore team at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Top five American football divisions at college level.

What happened to Sarah Fuller this weekend is unprecedented since she started playing American football at the start of the week. The coach of the university football team, the young woman, was preparing to return to her family in Wiley, Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday, when she mentioned her presence at the game on Saturday.

“I’ll be here in an hour,” he immediately responded to his university’s sports manager. After training throughout the week, Sarah Fuller had to wait until the second half to give this glorious reassurance against the University of Missouri, who led 21-0. “I was quiet,” he said. Football is very slow, there is a lot of idle time. “

“It’s nice to see this happen.”

His performance quickly made rounds on social networks. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, “Mythical !!!!” I only want the best for him, ”said New England Patriots footballer Nick Folk.

Encouragement and fame spread to other sports. David Price, Boston Red Sox (Major League Baseball) pitcher is an example. The most iconic comes from Billy Jean King. One of the greatest achievements in her sport was the Tennis Woman, who founded the Women’s Sports Foundation in the 1980s with the aim of promoting the next generation of athletic women.

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“Proud of Sarah Fuller, the players who came before her, the players in women’s football, all the marginalized and those who work behind the scenes to open up wonderful avenues for the next generation,” the former said. The champion is always ready to defend the feminine cause.

“You can do anything”

For this match, Sarah Fuller wore the inscription “Play Like a Girl” on the back of her helmet, which was produced by one of her friends this week. An endorsement of the American Association of the same name, which encourages women to participate in sports, as well as to be interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, explains American Public Radio NPR on its site.

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“I want to tell all the women that you can do everything you want, you can. If you have that mindset, you can do great things. It’s very exciting to know that I have represented all the young women who think about football or any other sport. To do that, make their dreams come true. It encourages them to believe, ”the player responded in an interview later. In the end, Sarah Fuller did not get a chance to try a penalty and her team was crushed by Missouri (0-41).

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