Christian asks Vasquez to believe

Christian asks Vasquez to believe

Last July, I wrote about the awareness of Christian Vasquez, the recipient of the Boston Red Sox (link below). In the first week of the 2020 season, Puerto Rican was simply the best, with the exception that he was the best battlefield in the American League.

Fast forward to October 8th. On that day, J.D. I dealt with Christian Vasquez’s transfer to free the recipient’s position of getting a big name like Realmudo. I said at the time that replacing Vasquez with Realmudo was a big mistake because they both have similar figures on the pitch, but very different in their bank accounts.

Well, it looks like things will continue to improve for Vasquez. He asks her to believe in herself and the efforts she has made.

A process that works

On the MLP radio network, the 30-year-old receiver spoke about the approach he has taken ahead of the 2019 season to improve his speed. Realizing his weak point in his game, Christian hired a swing expert to help him. The Miami man is not a former player. He simply studied to breed the edge of the best in the world. And it seems to work well for Vasquez.

As he says in the interview, he saw a difference in 2019 from training camp. And it can be found in the statistics. As the tweet above points out, Vasquez has quadrupled the number of his career homers in a season and a quarter (just 47 games in 2020). Over the same period, Cole also broke the personal bests of attendance percentage, SLG, OPS and total goals. In short, things are going better for someone who can become a free agent at the end of the 2021 season.

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Mark your trust with contract extension

Christian Vasquez believes in the process he follows. Red Sox general manager Syme Bloom is expected to show the same confidence by offering him a contract extension. Battle things have improved a lot for him over the last few years, and he dominates behind the plate. In his six career seasons, he has scored 39.11% of attempts to steal. It is the third best total among active recipients after Roberto Perez and Yadier Molina (Realmudo is seventh with 35.83%).

Vasquez’s one-year deal with Sox has been confirmed, and there is a way out of the system for the 2022 season. The right decision is to extend his contract this year to take advantage of the still growing talent of a player who has always been a member. Organization.

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