Why his future was not won

Why his future was not won

Donald Trump, Future Troll: Why His Future Has Not Beat

Donald Trump, Future Troll: Why His Future Has Not Beat

As the world fights the corona virus, Donald Trump continues to steam on Twitter. However, the former US president will lose millions of his subscribers.

Since his defeat to Joe Biden in the US presidential election, Donat Trump has become the laughing stock of the web. Former US President The social network has become accustomed to communicating via Twitter. His harsh actions against other personalities go unnoticed. This could eventually contribute to the leak of his 88.6 million followers L’Ops. “In the last two weeks, I ignored Donald Trump. I highly recommend this. My job is to write about politics, so the president, but it has become meaningless. “, Boston Globe columnist Michael A. Cohen explained.

For a few weeks now, Twitter has been releasing the news les messages de Donald Trump. It was mostly Tough tweets During the presidential campaign He accused Democrats of “cheating” the campaign. There was also a warning from Twitter with messages from Donald Trump. An exclamation point indicating web users on the page titled: “Trump inadvertently claims that postal votes can lead to voter fraud.” A message with an excerpt entitled “What do you want to know” Correction of three false or misleading statements Tweets of the President of the United States.

Candidate in 2024?

However, Donald Trump did not say his last word. For some, he is determined to get his revenge, not give up. We are talking about setting up a kind of demonstration to divert attention from the throne of his successor and to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election., Says political scientist John Soki. When Donald Trump leaves the White House in January 2021, he is determined to get people to talk about him …

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