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At the end of an event season that received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, he missed two games and Benjamin Saint-Justin decided to qualify himself for the next NFL draft. Past seasons at NCAA.

As soon as the team decided to reject the invitation to play in the cup at the end of the season, Minesto Cobars Cornerback confirmed on Sunday that he would be entering the NFL draft.

The Old Montreal Spartans product, “This is the best decision for me,” has been back home since Sunday. I still had two years to qualify, but it has been four years since I went to college, and I graduated twice. It was a decision that had been considered for a long time, but I felt it was a good moment to take the leap. ”

“6-3”, the 200-pound cornerback continues, “But in the middle of the season, my choice was already made, but I decided to make the announcement only later this year. I had a way out if the season was canceled or I was seriously injured.”

St.-Juste struggles to realize how far it has come since its inception. “When we were young, we imagined Madonna and the NFL,” he said. New challenges present themselves to me, but I am now in the final stages before I reach my goal. I think I am well placed. Cornerbacks with 6’3 ”, 200 pounds move fast, not so much. Until the draft, I want to improve my speed and technique. I also like to improve my hip fluid. ”

Surrounded by his family for the holiday season for the first time in three years, Saint-Juste will fly to Atlanta on Jan. 2 to polish his product, while expecting an invitation to the Senior Bowl on Alabama’s mobile.

“This is still an opportunity I was invited to, he said of the All-Star game, which brings together one of the best opportunities for drafting. There is also the NFL rating camp in February. He invited me to the canceled East West Temple Cup and the Hula Cup in Hawaii. I will make the decision [Mike McCartney de l’agence Priority Sport, qui représente notamment Kirk Cousins et Kyle Lowry] Whether I would like to participate or not. “

Good choice

After the NCAA debut with the Michigan Wolverines in 2017, Saint-Juste was inactive in 2018 due to a hip injury. He started his first campaign with the Cobras in 2019, playing very well with 45 docks and 10 knockdowns, which was a team high. This year, St.-Juste had 14 blocks and dropped three assists in five games.

“I gave everything I had,” he said succinctly. I’m glad I played because I don’t want to leave the team after only one season. I would have had many doubts. We have not had such a good season as last year, but I am not worried about the future of the project. We won big games, but also suffered terrible defeats. This is a very difficult decision both physically and mentally. ”

Positive test

Initially, the Big 10 canceled their season before withdrawing their decision.

“For financial reasons, the season finally came, but we paid a heavy price. Although I took care of myself and took the necessary precautions, I got COVID-19. I saw the effects of the virus, but thought it would affect the elderly. I was taken away for six or seven days. For three weeks, I was not breathing well and I was not sleeping well.

However, with a tough protocol, our convention was perfect instead of allowing us to play alone again after 14 days. I had lung and heart tests and blood tests to make sure everything was OK. I missed two games, but was able to come back and play in the last two games of the season. ”

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