New, never-before-seen information on movies and series based on PlayStation licenses

New, never-before-seen information on movies and series based on PlayStation licenses

In May 2019, very good Detective Pikachu Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the launch of its film and series production platform, which will be riding from Aloha to global box office like Loclas. Works based on PlayStation’s cult licenses, which are a little more revealed here.

Many pictures and series in the menu

This project is ongoing. While on the CNBC channel’s microphone, Tony Vinciquera, CEO of Sony Pictures, reviewed plans to modify PlayStation licenses on movies and series. First, the American businessman returns to the new grip of Hollywood legends: Simultaneous release of films in theaters and streaming sites. According to Vinci Guevara, Sony will not follow suit: “We haven’t really changed our minds. I don’t think we will do it at the right time. “

Although publications like this are interesting for highlighting streaming sites, VinciGuero believes stumbling out is important. For big budget movies, for example, the opening windows make sense, except for 30 players: “This will allow us to monetize our marketing between cinema and home entertainment.. “However, a window that is smaller than the current one is very traditional and, above all, American in 90 or 45 days.

In addition, in the future, Sony Pictures wants to rely more on brands owned by Sony Corporation: “We do not have a specific plan at this time, but we do have an internal plan called One Sony. You will find more integrations from son companiesy “. When it comes to adapting PlayStation licenses to movies and series, VinciGuero was unavoidable. Nevertheless, Sony Pictures in its boxes, no less than 3 films and 7 series from the list of PlayStation licenses.

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For you, which PlayStation license would you like to adopt in the movie or series?

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