7 hidden features in the new “iOS 14.3” system on iPhone phones

7 hidden features in the new "iOS 14.3" system on iPhone phones

CNED 7 has introduced “hidden” features in the new system so that users can take advantage and enrich their experience IPhone:

1- Select the default mail application or web browser: In the new system, Apple gave users some freedom to define Implementation Mail or default web browser. For example, you can choose Chrome as your default web browser and Outlook as your preferred email application.

To do this, go to Settings, then go to the Application menu and select “Default Browser Application” or “Default Email Application”.

2- Get rid of home screens: Users can remove the “infinite number” of home screens full of rarely used applications. This feature is similar to the one on the computer Android.

3- Delete recent apps from the home screen: Unlike previous settings, it does not introduce new settings Apps that the user has recently downloaded to the main screen, which preserves the aesthetics of the first page.

4- Best Pictures: He added Camel New photo retouching and enhancement feature with ProRaw. For now, only the feature is available 12 Pro و 12 Pro Max.

5- Emoji: Finally, you can search for the exact emojis you want to use via the “Search Menu” at the top of the keyboard.

6- Hidden Images: Previously, the ability to hide photos or videos was very limited because it was easy for anyone to find the hidden album. Now, the hide feature is useful. Once activated, no one can access it unless they change the settings.

7- Easy access: Allows a property “Tap “Ability to open any page or app by clicking on the back of the phone.

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Tap Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Back and find the feature. Choose the number of clicks you want to recognize and which page you want to run.

For example, you can tap the back of your phone three times to take a screen shot or launch Sri.

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