The Disney heir no longer recognizes his grandfather’s studios and is concerned about their sustainability

Inégalités salariales et licenciements massifs, une héritière Disney monte au créneau contre la firme aux grandes oreilles

“The brand will suddenly collapse and it will have to escape from the inside,” said Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney, who accused management of being rich on the backs of employees.

Everything in Mickey’s country is not so rosy. Abigail Disney, the daughter of a co-founder who used to act against the Walt Disney Company, has once again expressed her dissatisfaction with the policy of the entertainment juggler. In an interview for Radio Podcast K.C.R.W. , The producer was very concerned about the future of the multinational company, which, according to him, would collapse if wage inequality between employers and employees continued.

As the Walt Disney Company has laid off 32,000 people since the outbreak began, the California station says management salaries have returned to the coveted level of 4 months ago. “I do not believe that business and magic can sustain this type of behavior. I don’t think the brand is as strong and durable», Roy e. Reacted to a girl named DisneyIt is a brand that is huge and global, the fall will not be slow, but it will suddenly fall. […]. The company must be saved from within“, He explained it,”The highest administrative compensation seems to be the reward for reducing the salaries of other employees.

Bob Iger in cross chairs

Abigail seems to crystallize Disney’s anger, with Bob Iger, the company’s boss who has big ears for 15 years, still active within the company, recently replaced by Bob Sapek. In 2018, his salary including bonus.5 is 65.5 million. Much to the company’s co-founder’s daughter, its voice seems to contradict the board of directors ’indifference. “When I mention the difference between management’s pay and hourly workers, […] I think they will look at me as if I speak some kind of foreign language because to them this is the stupidest thing they have ever heard. According to them, we have nothing to do with what we pay a leading worker or shift worker and what we pay to a pop worker.“, He lamented, did not hesitate to compare the businessman to Ebenezer Scrooge, Dickens’ fierce antihero and misguided scientist, who last appeared on the big screen … Disney.

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Unfortunately for the person involved, the situation should not change during the next US presidency, at least not thanks to outside intervention. “It should not be forgotten that Joe Biden was a senator from Delaware who was 90% company based, and Bob Iger was a major Democrat who thought about running for leader of the same party.Said Abigail Disney. In 2016, the former CEO, now executive chairman and backing of the committee, backed Hillary Clinton, who organized fundraising for her campaign.

Will always be involved in the company with their name, which is not Disney’s first achievement towards the management of the company. In 2005, Roy E. was charged with inciting shareholders against the controversial former CEO Michael Eisner. Disney won. Years of fighting, conducted with his daughter, led to the change of boss for almost 20 years.

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