McDonald launches worst burger of the year (really bad)

Nothing will exclude us in 2020. In China, McDonald’s has released a new burger whose recipe has the potential to elevate your hair as it is passed – hang tight – with crumbled oreo and cooked ham. A burger available in a very limited edition: only 400,000 units Will be sold In chain companies.

The pre-made ham in the burger is none other than the famous ham Spam, Pork (or turkey) is preserved in a tin to eat cold or hot again. According to Asia-based journalist Daniel Ahmed, he stumbled upon Chinese advertising and Posted it on Twitter, Orio, with the appearance of the famous cocoa cookies filled with vanilla-flavored cream, although the brand name is clearly shown on the posters, is not officially an accomplice in this activity.

“To answer your questions: Yes, the Chinese hate this recipe too, he said. ‘Why would China do that?’ A lot of you tell me that, but you seem to have forgotten that McDonald’s is an American company. ” The burger is available for sale December 21. Can’t wait for 2021, e.

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