Legendary couple: Goldie Horn and Kurt Russell, Hollywood are inseparable

Actress Goldie Hahn and comedian Kurt Russell have become prominent figures in Hollywood. Over thirty years, Goldie Hahn and Kurt Russell show longevity, which is their strength. The two stars first met in 1968, on the set of Michael O’Herley’s musical film, entitled “The One and Only, Real, Original Family Band”. If Kurt Russell immediately catches the actress’ eyes, they will not see each other immediately because their age difference is bothering Goldie Hahn. Nevertheless, at that time, only five years separated them. He is 21 years old and Kurt Russell is 16 years old. But, as far as the actress is concerned, he is too young for her.

Their reunion in one set

Many years later, the two actors meet roughly on film sets for the play in the 1984 American film “Swing Shift” directed by Jonathan Dem. Reunited sixteen years after the first meeting, they no longer hide the attraction they feel for each other. Goldie Hahn would say of this reunion: “Years later, we found each other. I loved it and remembered that it was the one I really liked on the day I first met. ”

However, from the beginning things were not easy because they both vowed never to have a relationship with other actors. But in the set of the film, Kurt Russell, after a few drinks, and the alcohol helped, would have given him a compliment that would captivate the heart of his beauty. He said, “Damn, you really have an amazing figure. The two actors started going out together, while filming for the movie was not over yet, so Goldie Hahn and Kurt Russell lied that they could spend time together. Using the pretext of rehearsing for a scene in the film, the two talked for hours in the evenings.

A love story to follow

From this shoot on, their love story is obvious. Thirty years ago, the two Hollywood icons were inseparable. The two actors are as inseparable as they find themselves several times in front of the camera. If they had created the original duo of the romantic comedy “Overboard” (“In Jodi à la Mer”, in French) written by Gary Marshall in 1987, they would have recently had fun with Santa Claus and Uncle Noel in 2018 “The Christmas Chronicles”. Most recently, they redesigned their outfits to film the second installment of the “Christmas Chronicles” currently available on Netflix. Apart from their unrequited love, both the actors have really successful film careers and nothing else to prove their talent.

Two years after they formed a relationship, the lovers welcomed their son, Wyatt Russell, born on July 10, 1986. Goldie Hahn, the half-brother of the late actress Kate Hudson and actor Oliver Hudson, has been with musician Bill Hudson since her second marriage. For his part, Kurt Russell already had a son, Boston, with whom he married Susan Hubli from 1979 to 1983. All of these children followed in their parents’ footsteps. Wyatt Russell, who first started his career as a professional hockey player, had to finish it due to injury. He then decided to dedicate himself to comedy and cinema.

The couple never wanted to get married

If they were celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their married life, the two lovers would never want to get married and have no interest in it. “I already feel committed, isn’t that something to do with a wedding?” So as long as I am in devotion, honesty, compassion and love, everything is fine with us, Goldie Hahn said in a 1990 interview. We raised our children wonderfully, these are wonderful human beings. We did well and didn’t have to get married for that. I want to wake up every morning and know that he is there and that I have a choice. There is really no reason to get married. Also, in 2015, the actress has not yet changed her mind.

In an interview with “Loose Woman”, Goldie Hahn said that it is important to get married only if a person feels that they “need to feel attached to someone”. Then he added: “If you are free, if you have enough money and autonomy, if you want your freedom, there is a psychological side to not getting married because it gives you some freedom and some results. For example, I choose to stay, Kurt chooses to stay, and we like that choice. ”

Share responsibilities and be sexy

During this interview, the actress revealed some secrets and some tips to make a story last over time. Also, for a couple to act as much as possible, the actress stressed that “it is important to know when to depend on someone and when not to”. But that’s not all. She also needs to share responsibilities. A couple must rest in both areas, otherwise it will be too heavy to carry for one person. “Continuous improvement” is essential.

The actress also stressed that in a healthy relationship, it is very important to mention being sexy while allowing your boyfriend to breathe. It is unthinkable that two people are sticking to each other every day. One thing is for sure, Goldie Hahn and Kurt Russell were able to reach the perfect balance to be together for so long. Their love story of over thirty years will even allow us to believe that there is great love.

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