How dangerous is the diagnosed Covit-19 mutation?

How dangerous is the diagnosed Covit-19 mutation?

Location Soy 502 Says so far There is no evidence That New variant of the corona virus Recently discovered in Southeastern England, spread MS can easily cause severe MS symptoms And until reached Disable newly released vaccinesHowever, according to experts, scientists are monitoring in detail.

He Increase in infections In the south-east of the UK, strain variations were found in the most affected areas, forcing operations to tighten.

The virus can In a mutated state It also spreads easily and causes more infections. Laboratory tests are still needed to determine if this latest variant is more contagious than all the others.

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“It has a surprisingly high number of mutations, some more interesting than you might expect,” said Nick Lohman, a professor at the UK-COVID-19 Genomics (COG-UK).

There are two notable mutations: N501 mutation changes the most important part of the peak, which is called the “receptor-binding field” and helps to interact with cells in the body.

Another H69 / V70 removal has been reported several times before, for example in the affected Minx in Denmark.

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“We know there is a variation and we know nothing about what it means biologically,” said Alan McNally, a professor at the University of Birmingham.

Health officials say vaccines will also work against this variation.

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