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Cyber ​​attack on the United States: Trump underestimates the role of infiltration and Russia

US President Donald Trump on Saturday underestimated the massive cyber attack targeting US computer networks and Russia’s role in a series of tweets. However, the skepticism of American IT professionals is compounded by Teja Woo’s windfall in Moscow. When US President Donald Trump cleared Moscow on Saturday, December 19, he downplayed the intent of cyber-attacks on U.S. computers. Mike Pompeo, the former head of the CIA and his own foreign secretary, had pointed the finger at Russia for this cyber attack, which could actually be triggered by a widespread spying operation. “Cyber-attacks are more important in the United States. Fake news media than reality,” Donald Trump tweeted. “Everything is under control. Russia, Russia, Russia, is the priority slogan when it happens, “he said.” It could be China (it could be!) “The president, who has yet to admit his defeat in the November 3 presidential election, had the opportunity to reaffirm without proof that the fraudulent ballot might have been affected. “Our ridiculous voting machines may have been attacked during the election I won by the hand, it is now clear, this brings even more humiliation to the United States,” he wrote in a tweet, immediately following a warning from the president on Twitter that Democrat Joe Biden had won, far beyond the United States. As the casualties are discovered, the scope of the cyber attack continues to expand, in the face of espionage risks: the suspicions of computer security experts converge in Moscow, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formalized the indictment on Friday. I believe it is now possible to make it clear that the Russians were the ones involved in the operation, which is very important, “he said. Russia has categorically refused to intervene in the matter. The Russian embassy in Washington said “Russia will not carry out offensive operations in cyberspace.” “Everyone Evaluates Damage” Hackers succeed in compromising US company Solarwind’s Orion software. Management and supervision of computer networks of large companies or administrations. John Dixon, a company that specializes in security denim board, explains that many vulnerable private companies are eager to strengthen their security, which goes as far as rebuilding their servers altogether. “It’s so big, everyone is now assessing the damage,” he told the AFP. “This is a severe blow to confidence in the government and critical infrastructure.” The National Security Agency, which oversees US military intelligence, has called for increased awareness to prevent hacker access to organizations. Keys to the military or state. In fact, experts underscore the threat this Cypriot poses to national security, not only in the event of the acquisition of vital infrastructure, but also in the case of access to aircraft and distribution networks for electricity or other applications. According to information known at this point, hackers were able to hack into the emails of the U.S. Treasury and Commerce Department. The Department of Energy has confirmed that the malware, including the branch responsible for the security of the nuclear arsenal, has been evacuated from its most important functions, while being attacked on Friday. President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to create this, hitting “priority” on January 20 when he took office. With AFP

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