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Need some advice on what to look for with your kids on Netflix this Christmas and New Year? No problem! Here are six pictures to find for 6 to 10 year olds!

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Hook or Revenge of Captain Hook (1992)

From 6 years old

The hook is set up several years after the Peter Bonn conspiracy. It turned out to be a Peter Bonning lawyer, forgetting all about the amazing adventures he had nowhere to be found. Besides, Hook is determined to kidnap Peter’s children for the last revenge. If the film is known to be confusing behind the scenes, the sympathy and humor released by Robin Williams and the fact that Dustin Hoffman is proud to be the brilliant Captain Hook are worth traveling within themselves. Some of the most dramatic moments in Steven Spielberg’s film reflect the passing of time that parents want.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

From 6 years old

Kung Fu Panda is hard to resist. DreamWorks Saga’s first work is a small piece of animation, visually wonderful. The perfect balance between humor and emotion, this exciting adventure, Poe, tells the story of an emotional, strong and clumsy panda whose specialty … is to be a fan of kung fu. Taï Lung, the cunning snow leopard with a desire for revenge, is fast approaching, and will go on to defend the valley against this growing threat …

The French voice of the inevitable panda is provided by actor Manu Boyd, while the luxurious American actors Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman And Angelina Jolie. Note that the second part of the history, the equally excellent Kung Fu Panda 2, is available on Netflix.

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The Little Princess (1995)

From the age of 8

Sarah leads a dream life in India with her father, whom she adores and protects like a real little princess. Raised by legends, her imagination takes her into a magical universe full of heroes, monsters and beautiful princesses until the day her father has to go to war. Assigned to a boarding school, Sarah makes a lot of friends by telling her fantastic stories. But when her father’s death is announced, she finds herself alone and without luck …

Some of you may have grown up watching the wonderful Japanese cartoon that aired late in France in 1987. For, Then in 1994 as part of Club Dorothy … Here, this is a cinematographic transfer of the original novel, Little Princess, Appeared in 1888. The first American film to be shot by the immense Alfonso Cron, this adaptation is a pure aesthetic, sensitive and moving marvel. Carried by the fragile shoulders of the very young Liesel Mathews, radiant with grace and glamor, this little masterpiece – Do Not Be Afraid of Words – is one of those rare works – so precious – capable of sending you back to childhood. Nostalgia is certainly Proust’s most powerful product.

Jumanji (1995)

From the age of 8

Adapted from Chris von Allsberg’s novel published in 1981, the inevitable Zumanji tells the story of young Allen, who was cast in front of his childhood friend in a strange country while playing a very old game (the popular Zumanji, a word meaning “many effects” in Zulu). He can only escape when someone starts the game again and releases the dice roll. Twenty-six years later, he finds real world gratitude for the other two young players.

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This wonderful fantasy comedy, well versed in how to create high quality entertainment like the 90s, is an innovative feast that doesn’t take many abstractions, and the special effects many times more astonishing. Robin Williams The protagonist of this crazy adventure is the best, the very young Kirsten Dunst by his side.

Max and the Wilds (2009)

From the age of 10

Stronger than the classic monsters: Spike Jones’ Maximon Stress adapting Maurice Sentak’s famous children’s book. Or the story of the young Max, who, after an argument with his mother, is punished in his room and imagines a world full of gentle and giant creatures who will be the king (of anger!). He seeks to dispel sadness by creating unstoppable joy, but also tries to understand and control his emotions, and he discovers that being a leader in this deep and highly moving film is not without its wonderful pictures and wonderful soundtrack. The best film about childhood, and its conflicting sentiments.

Spirited Away (2001)

From the age of 10

The animated film Spirited Away is the story of a capricious girl who is about to move into a new home with her parents. The little family soon finds themselves in a haunted city and the parents turn into pigs. Sihiro will then try to help them. A wonderful story of childhood, signed by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, this journey can not be as emotional as any other great prosperity. It simply makes you dream, tremble and think within the magical animation system. A truly masterpiece, do not be afraid of words.

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