Best combination: Saturn and Jupiter meet – “brightest star” just before Christmas

Best combination: Saturn and Jupiter meet - "brightest star" just before Christmas
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When Jupiter and Saturn meet in the evening sky, someone is talking about a “big fusion”. This is the best way to look at it.

  • Planets Thursday And Saturn Offer a special show on Advent Evening sky: They come very close and shine together like a very bright “star”.
  • The Excellent connection I December 21, 2020 Must See and Rare – See tips for anyone with clear skies.
  • New from Space exploration, Astronomy and astronomy.

Update from December 18, 2020: Before next Monday (December 21) Jupiter And Saturn I Evening sky Stand close first Almost 400 years Now, they have an observer: the short crescent moon merged with two planets on Thursday evening (December 17) – a must see. All three Seen in the southwest sky.

In the coming days Thursday Saturday The two giant planets can no longer be distinguished by the naked eye. On December 21, both planets shine like a single “bright star” in the southwest evening sky.

Jupiter and Saturn were so close to each other on Monday evening that they were almost 400 years old.

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Update from December 16, 2020: Planets Thursday And Saturn Are approaching. If there is a cloudless sky after sunset, you can see for yourself every day in the distance southwest between the two Planets Became even less. You can now see two giant gas planets Saturn And Thursday Look through the telescope at the same time – including some of their moons. An unusual and attractive sight will never return. The Excellent connection So it puts its shadow forward.

Big Merger Immediate: Saturn and Jupiter are approaching

Update from December 13, 2020: It will be ready in eight days. In December 21, 2020 Come gas planets Thursday And Saturn The evening is closer to the sky than it has been in about 400 years – an event known in astronomical circles Excellent connection. It’s already clear when you look at the sky: Thursday After sunset it shines brightly in the southwest, a little further up left SaturnIt is significantly lower brightness.

Jupiter and Saturn were so close to each other on Monday evening that they were almost 400 years old.

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In the days to come, the Planets Stay close to the final speed and – close to 0.1 degrees on December 21st. It is one-fifth the diameter of a moon. With the naked eye you can tell nothing but Jupiter and Saturn, they work together The “brightest star” in the sky.

Big Merger: Jupiter and Saturn seem to be coming together as a “bright star”

Report from November 24, 2020: Frankfurt – Since summer, observant astronomers have been able to spot them every evening: Thursday And Saturn, Two The largest planet in our solar system You can’t notice the twilight starting in the southwest sky. Anyone who has ever noticed two planets shining brightly from summer may have already noticed: you – Seen from our earthly perspective – Come closer and closer to the evening sky.

Bigger fusion is approaching: Jupiter and Saturn are approaching the southwest sky at dusk.

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Great link on December 21, 2020: Thursday and Saturday meet

This phenomenon – is called a Excellent connection between Jupiter and Saturn – Happens every 20 years. The background is the different rotation times of the two Planets Around the sun. Thursday One is needed Orbiting the sun About 12 years, Saturn Almost 30 years. The two “meet” every 20 years or so. Gas planets I The sky.

Worth to see, but only occurs when you use it The sky Of Earth Observed from – Really come to the top Saturn And Thursday Even in their orbit Excellent connection Not nearby: Saturn It is twice as far away as it was during the meeting Earth Removed as Thursday. About what Excellent connection What is the view of the earthly evening sky. Must See in December 2020: How Close You Are Thursday And Saturn I December 21, 2020 Come on, they haven’t stood together for hundreds of years.

Der Planet Thursday
Diameter: 142.984 km
Distance to Sun: 779 million kilometers
Mass: 317.8 Earth mass
Orbital time around the sun 11.9 Earth years
World: At least 79

Large fusion: only 0.1 degrees after Jupiter and Saturn

In Excellent connection between Jupiter and Saturn im December 2020 Two Planets 0.1 degree gap only. For comparison: this is one-fifth the diameter of a moon. To the naked eye, the two gas planets appear to be intertwined, appearing as one large, bright one. Planet In the evening sky. In Telescope Or Telescopes One can see two celestial bodies Then they differ from each other – but because they are so close they can be seen with the naked eye at the same time.

Came last Thursday And Saturn 1623 was just as close as 2020 – however, the celestial event at that time was rarely seen because it happened so close to the sun. This year the sun will not bother us – on the contrary, no problem when the moon notices it, on the contrary: it will join on December 17 Short Crescent Moon Jupiter and Saturn – a great view. That’s a rare thing: it won’t be for one until 2080 Excellent connection Again a similar collaboration between the two Planets Give.

The two planets Jupiter (bottom right) and Saturn (top left) will meet on December 21, 2020 for a major encounter in the evening sky. (Image Montage)

© NASA / JBL / University of Arizona / SDSCI / Aura, Montage: FR

Viewing Tips for the Great Connection of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020

Attention Excellent connection between Jupiter and Saturn Relatively easy in 2020: both Planets Can be seen at deep twilight in the southwest. Thursday Significantly brighter, slightly lower “star”, Saturn Stands a little further to the left and up, but does not shine brightly.

To Key link on December 21, 2020 Two approach Planets Continue and deepen at the same time The sky. If you want to notice them, have a clear view of the southwest as soon as possible, as soon as possible after dusk has begun Planets Keep an eye out when they go downstairs after 6pm.

Diameter: 120.536 km
Distance to Sun: 1,433 million kilometers
Mass: 95.2 Earth mass
Orbital time around the Sun: 29.5 Earth years
World: At least 82

Jupiter catches up with Saturn – a great fusion arises

Were in mid-November Thursday And Saturn About three degrees apart. From November 21st to December 21st Thursday Six degrees back in the sky Saturn Moving only three degrees and preceded by Jupiter – The Excellent connection Arises.

Was “Star of Bethlehem” a great link?

It is a doctrine that is described in the Bible “Star of Bethlehem” By a three Excellent connection between Jupiter and Saturn May have been active as early as 6 BC. However, this theory has not been proven beyond doubt. What can be calculated in advance, however, is next Excellent links The Jupiter And Saturn Sequence:

  • December 21, 2020
  • October 31, 2040
  • 7. April 2060
  • March 15, 2080
  • 18. September 2100

who is that Once upon a time there was a celestial event Not to be missed, let’s see how the two come together throughout the month of December already Planets Attitude. after that December 21, 2020 This scene is worth watching: Leave by the end of December Thursday And Saturn However, every evening they go down a little earlier, which is the observation Excellent connection Somewhat difficult. (Thanja Banner)

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