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14 Day Weather Germany - Weather Trend - WetterOnline

2020 December 20 Sunday

Significantly cool air in view

More winter from Christmas

Continuous rain, wind and sometimes very light winds will determine the weather over the next few days. It will be considerably colder from Christmas, and then even the scales to the lower areas cannot be excluded.

By Christmas, the rain will first turn to snow in the mountains. At higher altitudes a blanket of snow forms.

It will rain from the west in Germany from Monday, which will not stop at any time in many areas. More than 50 liters per square meter of rain will fall regionally by Thursday, especially in the west and center of the country. In addition, it can sometimes be stormy with wind and very light. Maximum values ​​reach 15 degrees. However, a different wind will blow from Christmas. Significant cold winds are coming to us from northern Europe and the snow line is falling in the mountains at the beginning of Christmas Eve.

The weather changes from Christmas and the snow line drops. In the video, Björn Goldhausen reveals what to expect.

Temperatures only reach 0 to 5 degrees after mild frost nights during the two Christmas holidays. Rainfall is partly rain and partly snow. But the sun will probably get a chance. “Between years” it appears wet and cold and wet and cold. Regionally, it causes snowfall all the way. In addition, air again plays a role. While the details are not yet clear, the chances are much cooler than they have been over the past few weeks.

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(Report by Dr. Bernd Moore of WetterOnline Editorial Board)

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