The P&U100 Go plan is 99 13.99 per month this weekend alone

The P&U100 Go plan is 99 13.99 per month this weekend alone

At the end of the annual celebrations, Byygues Télécom decides to resume its black silver offer. The 100GB mobile plan then drops to only 13.99 euros. Please note, this ad is only valid this weekend.

The new Bouygues Télécom offer is valid until midnight on Sunday, December 20th. To 13.99 euros Only, you can plan with B & 100GB 4G with no obligation. Invincible value for money. However this offer is reserved for new subscribers.

Find the P&U 100GB package for 99 13.99 on Bouygues Télécom

P&U 100GB (4G) package in detail

So the B&Y package delivers 100 BB of data on Bouygues Télécom’s best 4G network. According to Arcep, this is one of the best in terms of the quality of mobile services. A data envelope like this will allow you to use your phone network exclusively without worrying about violating your regular quota. This can be very useful if you want to watch the series in streaming, or your wifi network is down or slow.

Note that this data size applies in metropolitan France. However, Operator Bouygues allows you to use up to 15GB of data from your envelope from European and foreign ports. So there is no need to pick up the new package during the trip. Likewise, this phone package offers you unlimited SMS and MMS in France, Europe and French foreign ports. You can stay in touch with your loved ones wherever you are.

Note that this P&U offer allows you to keep your current phone number. The process can be found on the official website of the operator. Also, as usual, the Bouygues offer is generous and if you subscribe to this offer, the music streaming company Spotify offers you a 3 month premium subscription. It saved about 30 euros!

The other good news is that the plan is unrestricted and the price will not change after a year. Thus, you can cancel or hold at any time. Additionally, packages from Bouygues are flexible and you can choose to add data or options to your subscription to suit your needs. For this, you can take advantage of the mobile app available on iOS and Android. This allows you to easily track your consumption, manage your account or contact a consultant in just a few clicks.

Note that beyond this package for 13.99 euros, the operator also offers its variant 15.99 euros per 100 GB per month with unlimited internet on weekends. As the name implies, you can cross any data limit. This is very handy if you want to download the best quality from Netflix or some other video on demand service.

Find the P&U 100GB package for 99 13.99 on Bouygues Télécom

This artist is sponsored by Bouygues Télécom. It was written by a dedicated team independent of the editorial staff of the Journal to Geek.

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