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Ultra Proves of December 18, 2020:

In space: The network of “planetary highways” that testify to our solar system.

  • Mathematical theories have made it possible to identify the network of gravitational currents in our solar system.
  • Objects passing through these currents could travel there for decades instead of hundreds of thousands or millions of years.
  • These passages will help in one day space exploration.

Archeology: Bom Jesus’ redeemed treasure reveals secrets about the origin of ivory.

  • A 16th century Portuguese ship wrecked off the coast of Namibia.
  • On board: 40 tons of cargo, including copper and lead ingots, gold coins, silver and one hundred ivory.
  • Extraction of DNA from these ivory showed that they belonged to wild elephants in West Africa.

In space: HD106906 b, an exoplanet lasting 15,000 years.

  • This exoplanet takes 15,000 years to orbit its Sun.
  • These measurements were made thanks to Hubble telescope images taken at intervals of 14 years.
  • These properties allow us to better understand the mysterious ninth planet in the solar system.

Govt 19: The lies of the “badly treated” documentary.

  • The new conspiracy documentary “Badly Treated” claims that France sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives by denying the effectiveness of hydroxy chloroquine.
  • This documentary used a graphic Science and the future By telling him the opposite of what he showed in his original article.
  • “Badly treated” lies are explored in two articles Science and the future.

In health: Alzheimer’s: Regulating copper in the brain helps prevent memory loss in mice.

  • Scientists have developed a molecule that releases copper trapped in amyloid plaques that indicate Alzheimer’s disease.
  • This molecule would have made it possible to prevent memory loss in mice.
  • The role of copper in Alzheimer’s disease is controversial: some scientists believe that the accumulation of copper in the blood vessels contributes to this cerebral degeneration, while others consider this nutrition to be inhibitory.
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