The SpaceX crew must have replicated the spacecraft on the ISS

The SpaceX crew must have replicated the spacecraft on the ISS

Easter Monday will be an exciting maneuver at the International Space Station. SpaceX spacecraft crew dragon retreat, which is a crew of four In November, I.S., Should be stopped. This should pave the way for a new spacecraft to bring more astronauts to ISS by the end of April. In addition, the docking point is also used to deliver solar panels in the summer.

The maneuver is broadcast live

Re-parking is scheduled for Monday, April 5, 45 minutes Central European time, starting at 12:29 p.m. NASA will broadcast the maneuver in live environment from 12:00 noon. Plan for a team of four to directly monitor parking changes in the capsule. Contrary to expectations, four astronauts can often intervene if something goes wrong with the automation process.

For this purpose, crews will slip back into their special space cases, which are usually ISS. Astronaut Mike Hopkins has already posted a photo of himself fitted on Twitter, announcing that he will be transferred from the front docking station to a docking station prepared for space. The crew-1 return flight is scheduled for late April or early May.

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