Diasna Lapkis: Your Business During the Crisis - How Crazy Is It An Idea?

Diasna Lapkis: Your Business During the Crisis – How Crazy Is It An Idea?

Social business is about a helping hand. It’s about new jobs and new opportunities for vulnerable groups. Social business is also about helping someone in great need. Especially now, when there is a crisis and uncertainty around us. So, this pre-Christmas time is the perfect time to consider setting up your own community organization. This is an opportunity to help you and others.

A social organization has no profit motive. Of course, it has to survive, so for its existence – to cover costs and pay salaries – such companies must also earn. But primarily all financial resources are invested in development.


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The social organization is the biggest helper to the government in providing various social services. Entrepreneurs in this field have not been able to complain about government assistance in recent years – Ministry of Health It has given many companies the status of a social entity, meaning tax breaks and the opportunity to apply for a grant to invest in further development.

Social Business Accelerator “Newtour” is implementing a training program for those who have a social business idea. Until December 20, you can apply for the new three-month acceleration program, within which experienced mentors in business and other fields will accelerate and help participants implement their business idea.

This year, I was able to observe and appreciate what the authors of socially responsible ideas have to say about the circumstances created by the epidemic. They are not all businesses – many “Stay at home“, It was a volunteer movement to help those who could not go to the store or talk to a volunteer. This movement is a great example of how technology can be used to solve problems that affect the community.

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It was also a challenging year for social organizations. They, too, adapted their activities to general improvements by relocating online. For some social organizations, this may mean unexpectedly rapid growth. For example, there was a great demand for the services of the Cerebra Homeschooling Support Center. OWA, on the other hand, which, among other things, makes posture-correcting shirts, temporarily switched to the production of protective masks.

However, it is interesting to note that those social institutions associated with the need for visitors to be in a physical place are not sitting idly by. For example, “Look with your heart” – a museum in the dark – will soon open its doors to visitors. It helps to experience how a blind person feels. Each museum space is dedicated to a different feel. The tours will be with a blind guide.

People can be divided into three groups. The first is to make everyone cry and blame. Then there are those who fight. The third person is somewhere in the middle, they say, they will be fine. Social organizations have always been militant. If it addresses you, have the courage to implement your community business idea. Now is the perfect time.

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