Press Stories: Microsoft Seeing AI now available on Android

Microsoft’s ground-breaking app for the blind and low vision community, Seeing AI, is now available on Android, widening its scope to an additional 3 billion users worldwide. Seeing AI utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide vital assistance to individuals with visual impairments.

Originally introduced as a research project in 2017, Seeing AI has now developed into a comprehensive app that offers a range of functionalities. Among its capabilities are the ability to identify currency, read handwriting, describe scenes, and even guide users through documents. These features make everyday tasks more accessible for individuals with visual impairments, empowering them to navigate the world with greater independence.

Initially, the app was exclusively available on iOS, limiting its potential user base. However, Microsoft’s recent announcement of its availability on Android has attracted significant attention. With over 3 billion Android users around the globe, Seeing AI’s reach has expanded exponentially.

Moreover, Seeing AI provides support in 18 languages at present, with plans to increase this number to 36 by 2024. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds can benefit from the app’s features.

The Android version of Seeing AI boasts additional enhancements, elevating the app’s capabilities. Users can now enjoy richer descriptions of photos and have the option to engage in a chat with the app for assistance. These improvements are designed to create a more immersive experience for the blind and low vision users, ensuring they receive accurate and comprehensive information.

Microsoft has highlighted the key features of Seeing AI, which include text recognition, document scanning, product identification, scene description, people recognition, currency recognition, color identification, and handwriting reading. These functionalities are aimed at equipping users with the necessary tools to navigate their daily lives, enabling greater independence and accessibility.

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To provide a glimpse into the functionality of Seeing AI, Microsoft released a captivating video showcasing the app’s concept. The video demonstrates how AI technology narrates and provides information about the world, enabling blind and low vision individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

By expanding its reach to Android, Seeing AI has the potential to transform the lives of millions of individuals with visual impairments. Its intuitive and feature-rich interface, coupled with Microsoft’s commitment to inclusivity, positions Seeing AI as a revolutionary tool in facilitating accessibility and independence for the blind and low vision community worldwide.

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