Barclay Horton will accept the trade of 4 players in a moment

Pourquoi James Harden ne pourrait finalement plus intéresser personne NBA

Even if the rockets take off, James Horton could leave the ship in the next few days. Not only that, Houston is still waiting for a generous offer. Charles Barclay already has a transfer in mind and he will give immediately and without Reflect.

He is the man of the moment in the NBA: James Horton Wants to leave rockets. Except that there were still many more years in his contract, he really didn’t have a word. He may have demanded a trade with Nets or 76 Airs, free to send him wherever the Texan front office is appropriate. But the goal is clear: retrieve the best opponent against the bearded man.

For now, no team has been able to meet the demands of the Rockets. I have to say it The requested feedback is very significant, Is enough to prevent some leaders from taking action. Because, even if Horton arrives, nothing will stop him from leaving in two years.

However, there has been recent progress in negotiations with the 76ers, he concluded To make one of their stars available. The problem is, rockets are not fully trusted, so we have to believe that nothing is done yet. Good on Charles Barclay who believes the Nets will continue to attack. According to him, they have the means to provide a good opportunity.

If I were in Houston, I would like to recall this person with the apro cut: Jared Allen. I also want Spencer Dinvidi, and Carris Levert. This allows the rockets to advance with a much stronger team. I take this trade if I follow them. Imagine, you get Allen, Dinvid and Levert, you already have John Wall. Without drama they would be as strong as ever.

Do you promise young people like Allen and Levert? This would really be a big deal for rockets. But we understand that, leaders want more, especially the confirmed player, the All-Star status. This is where the talks get stuck, and it should come as no surprise that the third team joins in the fun.

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Is Charles Barclay’s offer credible? Sure, but Houston executives don’t like it to this day. In the future, everything may change even more …

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