Walmart is trying out a unique shopping experience at Dictok

Walmart is trying out a unique shopping experience at Dictok

This is for sure His site Walmart has announced the launch of a new shopping event: a live on Dictoc, during which users will be able to purchase clothing sold by the brand without leaving the social network. First in the United States, it demonstrates significant cooperation with Chinese utility traders.

Walmart wins at Dictok for a unique shopping event

Called the “Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular”, the event will air on Walmart’s Dictoc account on Friday, December 18. One hour, including the ten-star content creators of the Chinese social network Michael Le, God Anderson, Taylor Hack And Zahra Hashimi, Live until evening By wearing clothes sold by the supermarket chain. The brands offered will be wide and varied: Champion, Jordach, Kendall + Kylie, Free Assembly, Scoop and Sofia Jeans are mentioned. Users can Purchase the products they see on the screen directly from the app Owned by Bite Dance.

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To William White, Director of Marketing, Walmart This event opens the way for new opportunities. In a press release, the leader explains: “The event offers a new way to engage with users and reach new customers, while at the same time bringing our own hobbies – with the help of fashion-loving dictator designers – to the stage.”.

He asked CNBC, A spokesman Walmart does not want to specify whether proceeds from the event will be shared with Dictoc. Lastly, keep in mind that those who miss the event can always catch up later, as these live-featured products can only be purchased once they have finished purchasing from Walmart’s Dictoc profile.

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Synergies are developed between the two companies

In August, Donald Trump forced his US operations to sell from Uncle Sam to a company. After many ups and downs, Walmart bought a part with Oracle on the Chinese social network.

Despite the slow pace of the deal, it is clear from this event The big continuous distribution brand has not lost its interest in the social platform Owned by Bite Dance. William White has reaffirmed his ability to see on this social network: “With Digtok having millions of our customers, we are constantly increasing our presence on this platform, creating unforgettable moments with our challenges. Naturally, when Digtok began to explore a new shopping service, we piloted the solution to it. I’m happy to close. ”.

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