Sports Illustrated cuts its top 15 current players, Luca and AD.

Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo et Kawhi Leonard

Who says the immediate start of the season All sorts of classifications and the controversies that go with it. A few days after the first 100 of ESPN, Sports Illustrated goes to its top 15 places. And the differences are significant!

New classification, new trends… and always the same dissatisfaction in networks. Then ESPN Top 100 This raised many controversies and in particular Anger of Dimar Droson, Sports Illustrated is responsible for delivering its top 15.

If LeBron James were in first place, the terrain would be completely different for many players. An example? Luca Doncic, If given the top 4 in the ESPN, it will fall below the top 10 spots.

We invite you to discover without further delay these top 15 created by SI groups, one of the media representing Uncle Sam’s country.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durand are back in action, as is James Horton, who did not pay despite the annual holiday His overweight And his questionable attitude. Anthony Davis is in 7th place, where he was second on ESPN, while Paul George is in the elite.

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Finally, remember that Bradley Peel, unlike his new teammate, is signing a worthy trip on the crop cream Russell Westbrook, Not in discussions.

Right? Difference of opinion ? As always in this kind of ranking, there is no right or wrong answer. Comments and preferences only!

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