Shock’s inhumane racing load, all-time record?

Shaquille O'Neal et une liasse de billets

In the United States, the media prefers to use the expression “bigger than life”, which means “bigger than life”. Almost no one has these words better than Shahul O’Neill. Under size 2 m 16, 150 kg in scales … and never-ending crazy events, like many special races.

Shahul O Neil and Money, this is a long story. Big cactus petrified with money after coming to the NBA is always very eager to spend lavishly. Proof? His first million, purchased after his draft, went to Ace in just 24 hours ! For almost 3 decades, the Colossus has clearly not been quiet …

One of the most popular events in this regard is the whole grocery store at Walmart, a large chain of shopping malls in the United States. But we, the common people, drop the notes of a few tens or hundreds of euros, and the diesel bank is broken. As he put it on the set of James Gordon’s Late Show, something got him in trouble:

I hold the record for the largest loading in Walmart history. , 000 70,000. I traded from Miami to Phoenix, I was an impatient guy. So I come to Phoenix and they had an apartment for me, but nothing in it. I had to go to the store, I bought clothes, furniture, laptops, 4 or 5 TVs …

I come to the cashier ,, 000 70,000, I put my bank card in the shoe. Purchase refused. OK. I rubbed the card over my shirt and started again: refused. There’s one thing I know, and that’s why I wasn’t broken! Someone from American Express Bank called me and said, “Oh my God, someone stole your credit card, he’s trying to spend 000 70,000 on Walmart!” ”

I said, “No, this is me! They released it and I was able to pay. This is a true story.

A sacred event for O’Neill that has become the legend of shopping centers almost everywhere he went. People are a man, Shock is really going to do his shopping himself, and he has taken the clever habit of giving the bill to everyone in front of him in line. A way to save time for this impatient man, but to make a nice gesture with ordinary people.

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Among his massive records on the floors, Shahul O’Neill may have had the highest score at full load at Walmart. Stunning!

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