Kim Dotcom supports Bitcoin money and hopes its price will reach $ 3,000 in 2021

Kim Dotcom supports Bitcoin money and hopes its price will reach $ 3,000 in 2021

Internet Entrepreneur and Digital Rights Activist, Kim Dotcom has been enthusiastically promoting Bitcoin as a money transfer medium, but Bitcoin is still positive.

According to a tweet released today for his 711,700 followers, Dotcom Predicted Than the price of bitcoin money (P.C.H.) Will rise by 867% in 2021, reaching 500,30000. As well as Said What BCH is going to support its “” peer-to-peer content monetization blockchain.

Dotcom Has been a lawyer De Bitcoin (P.D.C.) Some time value store, But that seems to suggest that BCH is better for making transactions. In response L. Bitcoin Influencer, Tone Ways, Said What The number of vendors accepting BCH is “steadily increasing” Cryptocurrency adoption will increase among the average internet user.

“The winners of the cryptocurrency race will be determined by sellers and users.” Said Dotcom.

“What do sellers and users want? Low commissions, fast transactions, high security and ease of use. Vendors and users will not hear or worry about tribal mania in the crypto universe.”

Entrepreneurs’ Comments BCH Supporter, Roger Ware, Announced The token is currently trading at Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Cash Trust for “approximately 6,000 per capita”, which was sold to PTC for $ 30,000 at the company’s Bitcoin Trust. Company Is Today there are about 3 15.3 billion crypto assets under management. However, less than 0.5% (.2 71.2 million) of the total is in the Bitcoin Cash Trust.

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The price of Bitcoin currency at the time of publication of this article was 9,309.98, up 19.5% over the past week.

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