Joy-Khan traction: Nintendo boss Duck Bowser returns to trouble – News

Joy-Khan traction: Nintendo boss Duck Bowser returns to trouble - News

News hardware Joy-Khan traction: Nintendo boss Duck Bowser returns to trouble

This week, US Nintendo boss Doug Bowser spoke at length with the Balochistan media. Together, they marked a significant return to the coding date of March 31, the success of Animal Crossing, the evolution of the Nintendo Switch online, but the flawed Joy-Khan case.

In early December, Nintendo was in the eyes of nine European consumer organizations over the Joy-Khan glide issue; The latter is a “Indirect movement“Unexpected joystick prevents normal control of her switch. Sandra Molenar, director of the Dutch Association for Consumer Protection, later said:”We are making this appeal as we have been receiving numerous reports that Joy-Khan will not last as long as customers expect. In addition, repair options are limited, forcing consumers to make expensive alternatives. We will use the answers to our call to determine what to do next“.

Targeted by a number of class activities in the United States, Nintendo began replacing the defective Joy-Khan for free earlier this year. But he “The Japanese giant now needs to follow a healing scenario rather than a correction“, A few weeks ago the UFC-Q Choir was rated. Asked how to respond to this ongoing problem, and the possibility of using a better solution, Doug Bowser The company emphasizes at the outset that it works above all for consumer satisfaction.

First, we want every consumer to have the best experience with their Nintendo Switch and the games they play. This is what is most important to us. Our aim is to put smiles on faces. We want to make sure that happens. If consumers have a problem with our hardware and / or software, we want them to contact us and then pick them up and find the right solution to get it up and running quickly.

Joy-Khan traction: Nintendo boss Duck Bowser returns to trouble

Far from his remaining statements, Bowser simply indicates that different customer feedback allows Nintendo. “To make improvements“More time.

When it comes to Joy-Cons, we work closely with consumers to find out if there are any issues, whether it is a replacement or a repair. Then, when looking at our repair cycles, we will always look at what was sent and for what reasons, for a better understanding. Without going into more detail, it gives us the opportunity to make improvements as we go.

Not to mention reviewing the hardware, henceforth, Nintendo players exclude Joy-Khan separately. Recall that allows to buy for 39.99. The Japanese company formalized a decision at the end of October, which already appeared to follow Joy-Khan’s slide.

Via Polygon.

Joy-Khan traction: Nintendo boss Duck Bowser returns to trouble

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