US election deadline: Election college votes must be counted before Mike Pence announces Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump

US election deadline: Election college votes must be counted before Mike Pence announces Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump

The U.S. Election College poll finally took place six weeks after the Americans went to the polls.

The focus is now shifting to January 6, as Vice President Mike Pence plans to clean up the final nail in Donald Trump’s presidency by reading out the official results of each state in alphabetical order.

We already know that Joe Biden has won enough votes to take office, so it should be just formal before his January 20 inauguration.

However, there may be a final twist …

The home extension began on December 14th

It is the date on which voters meet in their state capitals for a ballot for the president and a ballot for the vice president.

The Electoral College has 538 votes and needs a 270 majority to win the presidency.

This year, Biden received 306 votes to Trump’s 232, but that is not yet official.

States will now begin to produce voter certificates listing the names of voters and the number of votes cast for each candidate.

These certificates are signed by the electorate and the governor of each state and sent to various state and federal officials, including Benz, who chairs the Senate.

Mike Pence speaks from behind a lecturer.
Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence must announce the results of each state in alphabetical order.(Abby: Charlie Neiberg)

December 23 deadline day … kind of

States are still up to date to issue their certificates to Benz – but this is a soft deadline.

If for any reason the certificates have not been received by this date, Benz should simply request a copy as soon as possible.

We need to get the official results by January 6th

The November election should come to an official end in two months and two days.

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Congress convenes on this date to count the election votes.

As CEO, Pence must announce the results of each state in alphabetical order.

But wait! what is this? One final twist!

Once the results of each state are announced, members have the opportunity to object.

Objections must be in writing and have the support of one member each from the House of Representatives and the Senate.

An objection to stand would require a majority vote in both chambers, which seems unlikely.

After Election College confirmed Biden’s victory this week, several senior Republican senators acknowledged that he had been elected president.

Senator John Dune said any attempt to change the decision would receive little support when Congress formally counts the votes on Jan. 6.

Speaking to reporters, he said it was not going anywhere.

Senator John Cornin, another senior Republican, said he considered any such attempt “a terrible mistake” and that it had been defeated in a 100 – member chamber currently controlled by his party.

“Despite your best efforts, the time has come for you to realize that you have failed – this is the nature of this election. You have to get a winner. You have to fail,” Cornin said.

January 20 Inauguration

The President-elect and Vice-President are open on this date.

Kamala Harris will take office first and Biden will take office in the afternoon.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden smile at each other
Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will take office on January 20th.(Abby: Caroline Castor)

How will this affect the Trump-Benz relationship?

Now that the election has been held and failed, it is difficult to measure the current relationship between Trump and Benz.

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Pence is one of several Republicans to run for president in 2024.

However, Trump’s outspoken comments about running again block the field of Republican candidates.

Based on GOP White House believers Instead of approaching fundraisers, building networks and going to the polls in advance, we need to see what Mr. Trump will do next. – Regular campaign-planning steps – to make him angry and for the risk of shutting down his big and loyal site.

Pence is definitely not talking about any project.

On social media, he continues to talk about Trump, repeatedly praising the president’s leadership skills.


He also praised Trump’s leadership for quickly delivering the first corona virus vaccine in the United States.

“President @realDonaldTrump Marshall made the fastest vaccine development in history! That’s leadership!”


But he initially shied away from allegations of Trump voter fraud.

In fact, when Trump accused Democrats of “stealing” the election and launching legal challenges, Pence considered going on vacation from the Florida coast to an island.

He eventually canceled a trip to Sanipal, but mostly stayed out of the light, and turned down the president’s invitation to attend a news conference in Philadelphia on fraud charges.

In recent days, however, Benz has tweeted his support for court cases.


It remains to be seen whether the task of formally firing Trump on January 6 will affect their relationship.

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