Netflix is ​​testing a functionality to enjoy its series … without the image

Netflix is ​​testing a functionality to enjoy its series ... without the image

Some users of the Netflix app on Android can now opt for the “audio” mode, which can be useful in reducing data consumption.

This is a confusing new option that is considered by the leader in subscription video streaming. Reported by US site Android Police, Netflix is ​​testing the possibility of enabling only the sound of a series or movie in its Android application. “Audio” mode that the user can activate with a single click, to enjoy the content while sliding a smartphone like podcast into their pocket.

Screenshot of the process "Audio" Tested by Netflix
Screenshot of the “Audio” process tested by Netflix © Android Police

Experimental phase

Listen to TV shows and movies while using other apps or while your screen is locked. Enjoy your favorite works while consuming less data after the video is turned off, ”compiles in Netflix application settings.

While such activity can be very cinephiles thrilling, it can also be useful to enjoy some content (starting with various shows, interviews or comedy shows) while in traffic, walking or playing.

As Android Police reminds us, these tests with some users do not necessarily mean that Netflix plans to use this additional functionality for all its customers, in all countries.

However the site is used to innovative forms. As part of a recent experiment, Chinese social networking site Dictok was recently inspired to introduce new works in vertical video format to its users.

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