How to get online shopping at the right time

How to get online shopping at the right time

While many believe the deadline for online shopping deliveries is long overdue, there is a hole that allows Aussie shoppers to make purchases until Christmas Eve, where they can still receive their gifts on time.

The Australia Post has set December 12 as the deadline for delivery, but the new courier shows that some courier services can still be delivered in just one day – even at this time of year.

One day shipping is suitable for shipping from one part of most capitals to another, while it may take a few more days to ship one ship from Sydney to Perth.

Shipping from Sydney to Perth can take up to three days to ship via DNT Express – the shortest time – or 12 days via fastway, according to Shibit, an e-commerce filling company.

One-day shipments are possible if parcels are delivered and delivered by Incepress or Startrock Premium within Sydney; InExpress or DNT Express within Mexporn; And via InXpress or CouiersPlease into Brisbane.

The report also shows that a shipment can be received within a day if the package is shipped from Brisbane to Melbourne by In Express or DNT Express; And DNT from Sydney to Brisbane.

Many retailers, including Harvey Norman, Zephora and Strandbox, now offer alternative delivery options, preferably shipping, express and out-of-store shipping, to allow for extended shopping dates.

Cue clothing Chief Information Officer Shane Lendon said offering different delivery options gave customers the flexibility to shop the right way for their deadlines.

Customers can access nationally three-hour delivery, seven days pre-scheduled delivery and 30-minute clicks and collection and standard and express shipping from all their stores.

“It is important to open inventory at the store level for deliveries and online orders. That means we were able to deliver 10 times the inventory,” Mr Lendon said.

“Everyone lives very busy these days, so a lot of those big purchases are pushed to the last minute.”

Similar policies exist at many small outlets, where busy shoppers can shop online and collect at the store when they are ready, or pay a few extra dollars.

Rob Hongo-Jata, co-founder and director of Shibit, advised customers to double-check shipping policy on retailers’ websites and check out delivery options before making a last-minute purchase.

He added that shopkeepers should always opt for single or next day delivery as there are delays of about three business days in standard delivery on most routes.

The Australian Post ‘recommended cut-off date for express shipping is December 19.

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