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Sky finally makes a deal to make Amazon’s Prime Video streaming package available to its millions of subscribers Europe, Accessing content from Premier League football to the superhero drama The Boys as part of their TV service.

Pan-European agreement to make prime video available via Sky in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Italy The sky Contains deals with three major streaming services.

As part of the new deal, Sky streaming service Now TV will be available on Amazon’s Fire TV set-top boxes and plug-ins.

The sky only The cap was buried with Netflix two years ago, Adding a streaming service after years of opposition, will allow customers to remove their more expensive TV sets. Sky later added the Montalorian-powered Disney + streaming service, which is also available on Netflix PD, Virgin Media and Talk Talk’s pay-TV services.

However, Amazon, which already offers its streaming service via Skys competitors, offers a much closer competitive package to pay-TV operators. It offers its own streaming service that includes entertainment and sporting events ranging from football to tennis. It also offers more than 70 additional paid channels from other providers.

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“Sky Q customers are getting Christmas presents in their forms in their boxes this year Amazon Prime Video, ”Said Stephen van Roen, CEO of Sky UK & Europe.

At least for now The sky TV customers will need a separate subscription to Amazon’s Prime service to view its video content. Amazon charges £ 79 for an annual Prime subscription, which includes free distribution of Prime Video and products purchased on, access to thousands of ebooks and Amazon Music. It offers a Prime Video-only monthly subscription starting at 99 5.99.

As viewers increasingly access the content they want to watch in one place, traditional media players such as Sky have highlighted their strategy of becoming one-stop-shop aggregators of TV and video content by blocking deals with partners that were once considered competitors.

After hitting the deal Netflix, Sky offered customers a streaming service such as Sky Ultimate TV for £ 27 a month.

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