Christopher Vulcan admits he never had a cell phone or a computer

Christopher Vulcan, a guest on the show hosted by American host Stephen Colbert, admitted that he had never had a cell phone or computer in his life.

The 77-year-old actor attended via video conference to talk about his next film, Wild Mountain Thyme. But as he said to himself, a product person just came to install the equipment in his house.

“Someone came and installed everything because I don’t have a cell phone or a computer,” said Christopher Vulcan. How come the actor never bothered to show interest in the advancement of technology? His answer is funny to say the least.

“I got into it too late and it came over me. I was never interested in all of this because it would seem strange to me that a 10-year-old child works better than me,” he says. He admits that he never sent a text or email in his life saying, “But most likely they will find me.”

“A cell phone is like a clock. If you need it, someone has one, and they can lend it to you, ”explains Christopher Vulcan.

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