“My superhero? Madonna! ”

Gal Gadot incarne pour la deuxième fois Diana Prince dans Wonder Woman 1984.

Seen from everywhere – The new film, “Wonder Woman 1984”, will be available on streaming sites from February 12. The actress talks about her role as a gentle warrior.

Bar Arianna Finos (Republic)

Diana crosses the Prince’s Hall and surrounds herself, with men’s gaze telling of her person. Wonder Woman kicks in a mall and catches the big bad guys: she kicks someone in the leg and looks at a little African American. In 2017, it already looks like it will go back to an eternal time, when the superheroine blockbuster collected 22,822 million, thus breaking the glass ceiling that separated female filmmakers from major productions: all credits to director Patti Jenkins, but the glamorous foot code.

With this new task, Wonder Woman 1984, We quickly learn through the social networks of the event created in recent years: Thousands of girls have been shown wearing the submitted bracelets and the golden lasso of reality. WW-1984 Takes place in the 1980s and is the villain American turbocapitalism, which simulated Pentecostal Pascal.

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