Luca Tansik is not leaving as little as he is left now

Luca Tansik is not leaving as little as he is left now

Luca Dansik is the most favorite to win the MVP when he enters his third season in the NBA. Danzig is having a wonderful year Dallas Mavericks, Where he averaged 28.8 points per game, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists and put together an amazing performance in the first round of the playoffs Los Angeles Clippers. Still only 21 years old, it looks like Danzig could one day become the face of the league with Giannis Antoine Ounbo.

There is also a small caveat that is coming now with the Luca Hype train: the Maws star is not in his best form when entering the season and he is not afraid to admit it. After knocking down the Mavericks Bucks in the second season on Monday, Donzik admitted to speculating about his weight and said he would eventually get in shape.

Despite sitting in the fourth quarter, Danzig finished the game with 27 more points. Luca does not need to be skinny to dominate.

According to Slovenian coach Jr Draxler, the debate over tonic conditioning began long before this office. He is not in the best game format, the quote is mistranslated. While most NBA players are long and gentle, Danzig has always been a beef guy. During the season (hello, shock) it is common for NBA players to design themselves, and Danzig looks great in that arrangement. As Draxler noted, there is a difference between being in the format and being in the NBA game format. Danzik checks the box while trying to re-check the previous one.

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This did not stop fans from having fun with the slightly larger physique of Danzig the previous season. Who can relate to this now?

At least Danzig has his sense of humor throughout the whole thing. Here’s a highlight of the Maws ’second pre-season game against the Bucks, where Danzik found himself having fun being slow.

Dirk Nowitsky is not always known for his speed.

Tansik would be fine. He’s already one of the best basketball players alive, and he feels like he’s on track one day. For now, there is something to be said about an NBA star who will be carrying a few extra pounds by the end of 2020.

Prepare those resolutions for next year, Luke. We hope this is a great year for all of us.

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