Christopher Eccleston will return to Dr. Who when ‘freezing hell’

Christopher Eccleston will return to Dr. Who when 'freezing hell'

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Christopher Eccleston joked that he would only reconsider his role in Dr. Hu’s TV series ‘Frozen in Hell’.

Christopher, who last played Time Lord 15 years ago, is currently recording an audio version of Dr. Who: The Ninth Dr. Adventures.

However, during an appearance in Lorraine on Tuesday, the host could not help but ask if the 56-year-old could ever return to the series.

‘I’m coming to do the second day of recording the ninth Doctor’s audio adventures for a company called Big Finish, which was written by the great writer Nicholas Briggs – he’s also the voice of Talek,’ he told the host.

To which Lorraine asked: ‘You can do anything with Dr. Who. He always regenerates, he never retreats.

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Lorraine asks Christopher about Dr. Who (Image: ITV)

‘I don’t want to say degenerate because it’s bad, but he never goes back, but can he or can she?’

‘You can go back to yourself, you can pop up,’ he added.

‘Well, that’s what I do now in audio format,’ Christopher replied.

‘Lorraine, I know what you’re getting, but … only when the hell is freezing.’

Christopher first starred as a doctor in 2005 (Image: BBC)

Yesterday, the actor He shared a picture of himself having a new script from the audio play, no doubt stepping back into the darts.

The script is for the first volume of the ninth Doctor Adventures titled Revelations.

After receiving such a strong following from the fans from his time on the show, it is a pleasure for many to see him back in character.

Christopher previously said of his return as a doctor: ‘It would be exciting to revisit the Ninth Doctor’s world and revive a character I love to play.’

Dr. Who: The Ninth Doctor’s Adventures series will be released in four box sets, available on CD and vinyl, as well as digital downloads.

Lorraine airs on ITV on weekdays at 9 p.m.

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