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Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling adds PS5 version, launches in 2022; 23 minute game

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Action RPG Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling Launches for PlayStation 5 in 2022 in addition to the previously announced PlayStation 4 version, announced by publisher and developer Sycamores Cranberry Blue Fantasy Fez 2020.

In addition, the publisher aired a new 23-minute game demo featuring protagonists Gron and Digita, equipment, skills, party formation and an airship platform and boss fight.

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ReviewRelease window

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

ReviewDevelopment so far

  • August 2016
  • December 2017
  • December 2018
  • December 2019

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Development The current state of development

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling Is The following stages have been passed Development:

  • Playable first – The game is in playable condition, so you can enjoy the feel of the game.
  • Pre-preparation – Missing components are added and improvements are made to issues identified in the first executable configuration. The core of the game is ejected in preparation for vertical strip development.
  • Vertical strip – A limited amount of characters, maps, items and features are available, but a small portion of the main game can be enjoyed at a nearby quality. The final budget and development schedule are determined based on the quality of the game.

And is Currently in the following phase Development:

  • Alpha version – Various features and resources are unfinished or use temporary assets, but the game as a whole is generally playable.

The remaining levels The development includes the following:

  • Beta version – Planned features and resources are fully implemented. Some potential bugs and glitches may still need to be fixed, but the game should be close to a release level.
  • Guru – Ready for release. Usually three to six months before the actual release. One day patches have become common with growth.

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Short-term protagonist: Blue

Blue is designed to be the protagonist in the early stages Review, Than Cron and Digita from Mobile Game. After 2015, however, the Cron and Digita players were not considered blank slates to present themselves, but characters with their own unique personalities. Due to their increasing popularity among the players, the decision to assign Blue in favor of Gron and Digita was made in the early stages of development.

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Blue’s character design made a small impression Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Versus 11 colors of Digita. Locally, this color was given the nickname “a nostalgic color”, but…

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

At one point in the story her outfit is redesigned for Cron and Digita to change into this outfit.

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Development cycle from developer change


  • Assure fans that any growth message does not mean growth will not happen. ”
    • Make a commitment to eliminate any worries by releasing new information by the end of the year.
  • The large increase in team size at Osaka Sycamores calls for a larger work environment.
    • Creating a workflow plan, developing development tools, and transforming Osaka Studios into a full-fledged back office.
  • Focus on building the framework for the development system rather than speed.
    • Focus the implementation panel on the content to be displayed Cranberry Fez. Restructuring of more incomplete development projects such as refining the game machine, to be implemented in time for the 2022 release.
  • Enables real-time four-player game to be exposed Cranberry Fez.
  • Prove the game search showing new resources created in 2019.
    • Measure the amount of work required to recreate an action game from the ground up.
    • Evaluate the performance of the new machine to identify potential development issues.


  • Solve issues found within the game machine in 2019.
    • The refinement of the game engine began in early 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2020. Finished on schedule, it greatly improves development performance (especially with regard to graphics).
  • Start development in all areas of the game based on the final document.
    • Start building all the elements of the game at once in addition to the presentation shown in 2020.
  • Complete the development schedule to add PlayStation 5 support and begin the key phase of development.
    • We are currently nearing the final stages of development, and are moving into all of property creation!

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

G Psychems Magazine Article

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Cranberry Blue Fantasy: Reeling

Check out the latest game demo below (6:16:50 to 6:39:50).

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