Operating systems that stop WhatsApp from working Dablos

Operating systems that stop WhatsApp from working Dablos

The Fixed updates WhatsApp fixes bugs and adds improvements to the news service, but it can also cause problems for users who do not constantly update their devices.

Because it is Changes Some phones will not be able to access the platform, As As explained from the service, It is necessary to have a certain level in their operating systems.

To install the new WhatsApp update 2.21.50, it is necessary In the case of Apple phones, you have iOS 10 or higher. That is what it means IPhone 4s or earlier will not be able to update the app, They only select the maximum iOS 9.3.6 operating system.

as a consequence, You can access this new update for iPhone 5 and later Thus ensuring the use of the site without any problems.

In case of phone with Android OS operating system version 4.0.3 and / or higher, there will be no issues with the update And they are guaranteed access to WhatsApp. But earlier versions could not choose to make changes to the application, and the platform could stop working for even a short time.

On the other hand, some phone models Access to KaiOS 2.5.1 operating system or other versions including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 devices To update.

Those with an unsupported operating system, or older than previously announced, are still lThey can access the service until they receive a warning message that an update is required Application.

To prevent their conversations from being removed from the platform, it is recommended that they remain Sent via emailBecause there is no way to change chat history between different sites.

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