Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the colors of Pontoon for 2021

Pantone chooses two shades as its colors for 2021

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a “confident” hue of yellow, are two shades that Pontoon named as its colors for 2021.

American Color Company Pontone He believes that combining shadows in a world facing increasing uncertainty will help the world “strengthen themselves with energy, clarity and confidence”.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the colors of Pontoon for 2021
Pontoon has chosen two shades for the color of 2021

The glowing yellow shade evokes the “promising promise of a sunny day,” while Ultimate Gray is a very soothing hue that speaks volumes about “peace, stability and regression”.

Pantone says the color can be compared to durable natural elements like time atmospheric pebbles on a beach.

One of the colors of the pontoon for 2021 will glow
One of the bright yellow colors is called Illuminating

“The choice of two independent colors illustrates how different elements come together to convey a message of strength and confidence that are both durable and advanced,” explained Managing Director Leadris Iceman. Pantone Color Company.

“Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and confident, it is a color combination that gives us regression and confidence,” he continued.

“We need to feel energized and improved, which is essential for the human spirit.”

In the turbulent year of 2020, other companies have similarly chosen shades as their 2021 colors.

A few months ago the paint brand Tulax announced Brave Ground, which is a earthy brown hue that reflects “the strength we can get from nature, to be more in tune with the planet and our growing desire for the future”.

Ultimate Gray is one of the colors of Pantone for 2021
Ultimate Gray is the other shade of color duo

This is not the first time the color of the pontoon has come in a pair. Rose quartz, light pink, and serenity, a powder blue were its choices for 2016.

Classic Blue has been released as the company’s color for 2020. Michael Okundehin, an interior expert, described the hue as a “global favorite” that promotes “quiet, confident and communicative”, but was subject to some criticism – in Dean’s opinion, Classic Blue did not reflect a “very interesting and confusing era”.

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