Yes Network broadcasts Brooklyn nets and the 2020-21 season

Yes Network broadcasts Brooklyn nets and the 2020-21 season

This is a great season for the Brooklyn Nets, and the YES Network team has big plans for the broadcast, which reached 13 percent ratings last season for the 2018-19 season, revealing the playoff appearance for the second time in a row.

Now they will rejoin Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, making them an NBA rival and one of the most talked about teams in the league.

“This year’s Brooklyn nets will be treated like the national story they have in the interior,” said senior co-producer Jared Boschnock. “We’re going to do everything we can to expose them and make sure they’re one of the biggest stars in our network. We’re going to get protection across the line and digital. Everyone you see here is going to lead the charge for that. What we’re really going to explore is what they can do to stand alone, security. Understanding ethics and the world we currently live in. So I hope this is a good overview, but I can tell you that we’re going to consider the Brooklyn Nets as bigger than any event or any team we have. ”

With the Nets appearing 13 times on ESPN, ABC or DNT until March 3, the first half of Brooklyn will air 30 of the 37 games announced in the NBA schedule starting March 27 in Charlotte. TNT National Broadcast – Although Ames will not be airing the season starter on December 22nd, the network is planning for full-night security, starting with the Facebook live broadcast of the FreeCam product meeting. The one-hour opening night precam show will begin at 6:30 p.m., and Ryan Rukko, Sarah Gustok and Michael Grady will be with the YES social media team throughout the game, which will be accompanied by the Nets Post Game Show.

The two season games of Brooklyn against Washington on December 13 and Boston on December 18 will be televised, which will air every Wednesday at the beginning of the season on the Nets Hot Stove.

On Tuesday, members of the YES Network broadcasting team – Ian Eagle, Richard Jefferson, Gustok, Rukoko and Grady – attended a video conference to chat about the upcoming season. Here are some highlights from the top five topics:

In the announcement for the 2020-21 season

Eagle has been airing through the Jason Kid era since 1994, with annual division titles and two NBA finale appearances and the dawn of the Brooklyn era, but last month creating more lists by returning to Durant and Irving Court, he described it as “the most in Nets history.” Expected season. “

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“You have to keep the horses, and there are real superstars on the Nets’ list, which is why they are mentioned in the same breath as the other teams that are more in the championship conversation, ”Eagle said. “We document how these supporting actors develop, the chemistry between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, all of which are compelling questions, and should be an incredibly memorable season.”

Gustok arrived as the YES Network’s Nets correspondent for the opening Brooklyn season and is now moving on to his fourth season as an analyst with Eagle and Ryoko.

“I can’t be too excited to be a basketball fan to see Kevin Durant back on the floor,” Gustok said. “I think we’ve witnessed how he plays, the level of skill he possesses, as we have seen on many occasions with Kyrie Irving last season, but to see those two, and the real stellar power beyond them. I think all of us should continue to try and finish building this system. , Excited, excited, excited and proud to see what kind of basketball they have on the ground. Don’t wait. “

Broadcasting in the Govt era

The YES team will not travel to road games, instead they will operate from the Barclays Center when the team plays at the NBA campus in Orlando last summer. It will be a different environment when they also do home games at the Barclays Center, and for now, fans are not expected to be in the arena for games.

Eagle had some experience over the summer, doing national broadcasts from a location in Orlando, and has been calling NFL games from empty or sparsely populated venues for the past few months.

“The lack of a site for road games is something we enjoyed with the bubble, so we’m not looking at this blindly, but your job will not change,” Eagle said. “The job is to inform and entertain more, just because you’re not close, doesn’t mean you now have a built-in excuse to change the way you do your job. We’re going to do it the same way. There will still be some challenges and trying to humanize the players. It’s still part of the equation, and guiding the viewer from the event is what we do. ”

Grady is the one who has the most intimate contact with players on a game night, from court interviews to postcam screams in the locker room. It will not be a part of the broadcast experience at any time.

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“Communication with these players, it’s not necessary in an interview setting, or even small things like that before you start asking your first question, will be missed for a while until we can travel, until things get back to normal,” Grady said. From the standpoint, especially with new faces, wants to know about these people, and those people want to see your face as often as possible, so you have that connection, and hope you create it. ”

Head coach Steve Nash

The Nets shook things up by appointing Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash as head coach. While this is Nash’s first full – time coaching career, he brings with him the credibility of his illustrious sporting career, and Brooklyn staff have returned with coaches such as Mike de Anthony and Aim Utoga, as well as Jack Vaughan.

“They have checked a lot of boxes for these staff and keep Steve in a position to win, and ultimately how he handles the personalities at the top of the list and at the bottom of the list is how far this team goes and they expect them to play meaningful basketball in the summer months, and that is the ultimate goal, a Winning the championship is what Eagle said. “He said it. He’s not going away from it, that’s the vision of the organization now. They did not choose Steve Nash, so they can one day make Steve a good head coach. They believe they have a chance to win right now.”

Grady recently sat down with Nash for an extended conversation that aired on Ames last week as Steve Nash One-One.

“There are a lot of guys in the league who are respected and liked by a good number of people; no one says negative things about Steve Nash,” said Grady.

Playing in an epidemic

With a compressed advance and a somewhat condensed schedule reduced to 72 games, there are some similarities with the 2011-12 lockout season that Jefferson enjoyed as a player in the 2020-21 season.

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But Jefferson sees two differences, with positive corona virus testing being the most important way to disrupt roster and player availability. Another is that he expects players to be better prepared to handle the schedule than it was a decade ago, which is why – apart from the lack of a virus-related player – he has no qualms about the quality of basketball on the horizon.

“Because the players are ready, it’s a lot different than it was 10 years ago, 15 years ago,” Jefferson said. “One, it’s a short office for the players in the bubble, two, the players are in shape all year round. They do not take any breaks. I think the quality of the basketball in the bubble was amazing. And the guys did not have access to facilities, a lot of the players went home. You see, inside, this is very good basketball. I think basketball is good. ”

In Brooklyn Classic Edition Uniforms

Based on the “tie-dye” jersey they wore one season in 1990-91, the Nets are breaking a bold throw in their first classic edition uniform this season. Eagle is not yet a member of the Nets broadcasting team, and a few years later when they played the Royal Blue version of the jersey, they teamed up with the same tagline and logo that debuted in 1990-91.

But it’s the most important call to the 35 seasons of ownership in New Jersey since moving to Brooklyn in 2012. Eagle has been calling the New Jersey Nets Games for almost two decades, an opportunity that changed his life, he still lives in New Jersey, and moved there when he first took the Nets job. So that era is significant to him, he still has contact with Nets fans in Garden State, and yes, he loves the look.

“At first, the look pops up,” Eagle said. “There’s no doubt about it. Those jerseys pop. I think it’s cool to see different versions around the NBA around each team’s chosen league. It keeps things fresh, and it brings a completely different conversation to the table, and about creating that fun from fan site to fan site. I think the league was brilliant, I think it’s a cool look, and I know Kyrie is excited to represent the nets wearing those jerseys. ”

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