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A £58m Euromillions prize remains unclaimed

Even after no one won the first prize on Tuesday, the biggest Euromillions jackpot is still not liked.

When a person wins the main prize again on Friday – worth $ 175 million – they will top the national lottery rich list, dropping the $ 170 million anonymous winner last year.

Tuesday Draw Numbers 01, 04, 21, 24, 46 and Lucky Stars: 02, 12.

Sixteen ticket holders each won 6 11,680 after receiving the five key numbers, and in the millionaire maker selection, one became a millionaire with the code HZZF32476.

The National Lottery Thunderball numbers were 14, 24, 21, 10, 26 and the Thunderball number was 12.

No one received the first, 000 500,000 prize in the Thunderball draw.

The jackpot has now reached its cap, meaning any prizes in the next winning tier will be lifted to Friday’s draw.

Meanwhile, a couple who won the jackpot in January last year have donated more than half of their $ 115 million prize.

Francis and Patrick Connolly called their first priority a list of about 50 friends and family, and they set up two charities – the Kathleen Graham Trust in Northern Ireland, where they both come from, and the PFC Trust in County Durham now live.

One of their good deeds is to buy 1,000 gifts for patients at the hospital on Christmas Day and to donate pills to those isolated from loved ones during the corona virus lockout.

After their victory, the couple vowed never to become part of the “jet set” and celebrated their victory with a warm-up and a cup of tea.

They turned down the opportunity to live in a castle and a 15-bedroom house. Instead they own a five-bedroom house, five acres of land, a tennis court and a swimming pool.

Francis and Patrick have given up almost half of their victories
Francis and Patrick have given up almost half of their victories

Ms. Connolly, 54, said she would like to draw attention to the good work that many have done for charity during epidemics.

He said: “People should be celebrated, not me, not by any extension of imagination, but I can draw attention by the fact that by speaking, in fact, we are the nation of heroes here.”

Ms Connolly said: “If we ever win the lottery, he’s going to pick up my mobile phone. I’m not going to let him use the computer again,” Patrick joked for years.

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