Cyberbunk 2077 vow day fixes a 43GB update bugs

Cyberbunk 2077 vow day fixes a 43GB update bugs

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CD Project Red developer Fabian Mario Dohla has promised that ‘Cyberbunk 2077’ will one day be elevated by glue.

The amount of bugs and glitches in the highly anticipated game title has been criticized, but the 43GB update is said to make the biggest difference.

Dohla assured the players that the title attached to the console was a “different game” and suggested to critics that playing on a higher system than the PC could handle would reduce the problems.

Responding to fans on social media, he added: “We had those problems in Germany too.

“This is mainly due to streaming issues – when your system has too many settings, the content is unable to stream and the material starts to disappear (animation, audio, lip sync, objects).

“Adjust settings and it will run smoothly. (Sic)”

The game will start on December 10th with some early access due to shipping errors, review copies and other similar situations.

Asked if “fast SSD” would make a difference, Dohla replied: “Yes, absolutely.

“If you set everything to maximum / intensity you will run into another problem at one point.

“It seems that many people do not understand that this game can do every (!) PC fight if you go crazy with systems. Many games have not done this recently.”

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