Anger is mounting over the unsuspecting police ring

A man who was isolated due to a weekend isolated bracelet is swayed after NSW police admitted it was their fault.

About 174 people have been forced to be isolated after boarding a flight to Melbourne, with the exception of two Germans isolated in Sydney.

One of them, Howard Levy, was on a flight to Melbourne with the Germans to see his birth cousin.

NSW police admitted wrongdoing to the role, but Mr Levy said he was “incredibly angry” about what happened.

“It’s Independence Day for most people here in Melbourne,” he said. “But for some more, we are all anxiously awaiting the results of another trial for those tourists or twin citizens.”

He said he would like to see those above take responsibility.

“I’m really angry. From what I saw on TV last night, I think the federal health minister talked about control rings designed to protect citizens,” he said.

“There is no ring. They were lucky that these people were not affected, there was someone to stop these people.

“Because by the time I got off the plane and left the airport, there was no one there. I could have boarded a bus or taxi and affected the affected people.

“I could have gone to a coffee shop and restaurant and affected the people there. Australia is a lucky country. But it could have been so different.

“As I say, I was infected by an eight-day cousin and could get on a plane back to Sydney in a day or two and infect my wife who works at the Infection and Aging Care Center.

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“She may have gone into that aging care facility and affected the residents there.”

He said it was not the fault of the young police officer who allowed the Germans and that Buck would stand up.

“We have seen banks’ CEOs and insurance companies resign due to the actions of their employees, ”he said.

“Nevertheless, we continue to see police and health ministers who are incompetent and continue in their jobs.

“These people have no consequences. There should be more. And people are tired of their meaningless inquiries and useless apologies.”

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