Morgan Wallen joins SNL to mock removal after Govt rule break

Morgan Wallen joins SNL to mock removal after Govt rule break

Morgan Wallen returned to live on Saturday night – unplanned from the schedule two months ago for violating Govt rules.

The musician was removed from his appearance after being caught in a party with strangers without wearing a mask at the height of the Corona virus lockdown.

But two months later, thanks to good behavior, he returned as a music guest for Jason Batman, and even landed his own sketch to mock his mistake.

When he arrived at the college in Alabama, Morgan said ‘no consequences!’ He ‘promised to put only on Dicktock’ with a college girl.

Future Morgan (played by Jason) then enters through the door into the cloud of ‘time travel smoke’ to warn that he is going to deal with a complex world on Twitter.

‘Believe me, someone is going to post a video of you ignoring the Govt protocol, and the whole internet will be out,’ warns the future Morgan.

Morgan Wallace on snl

Jason Batman rushes to save Morgan (Picture: NBC)

Last Morgan replies: ‘No, I asked her not to post it.’

‘When people hear about the party, you’re in big trouble, man,’ Future Morgan continues.

‘You’ll be kicked off live on Saturday night.’

After ignoring the Govt rules for going to a college party, Morgan started from the queue (Image: NBC)
Did he learn his lesson? (Image: NBC)

However, the party’s charisma proves too much for both of them, and they rely on ‘really understanding why this is wrong’.

After attending a football party again in Alabama, the 27-year-old had just three days to appear on SNL. Shoraner Lorn Michaels picked him up and gave him the boot.

At the time, he released a video apologizing: ‘I was not in favor of Covid, but my actions last weekend were so short-sighted that they obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams.

‘I respect the outcome of the show because I know I put them in danger.’

Saturday Night Live is a weekly NBC broadcast in the United States.

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