The film “1917” wins the Union Prize of the Belgian Cinematographers’ Association

The film "1917" wins the Union Prize of the Belgian Cinematographers' Association

The annual Grand Prize of the Belgian Cinematographers ‘Association went to Sam Mendes’ British-American film “1917” on Thursday evening.

The film was preceded by “The Communion”, a play inspired by real events directed by John Comasa, “A Hidden Life in an Austria Under Nazi Occupation” by American director Terence Malik, “Milla” by Australian Shannon Murphy, first love of a teenage girl unlike others, and Chile Pablo Lorraine’s “Emma” decides to change her life by telling the story of a young dancer.

“1917” “Provides an exceptional visual experience around the First World War, which marks its record, especially thanks to the originality of its arena, its realism and the reflection it can evoke in war”, greeted members of the Belgian Cinematography Publishing House, Seventh Art and Belgium from all over Belgium Received by about 100 critics and journalists. The film depicts a message that could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of soldiers against the timing of two young British soldiers coming from behind enemies.

On the Belgian side, Fabrice de Welts’ “Hello” is ranked 12th best.

The Franco-Polish play “La Commune” was awarded the Humanitarian Prize for a work that serves as a plea for harmony among different peoples.

The latter and “1917” are hits for “Les Miserables” by French director Lodge Lai and “Parasite” by South Korean Pong Jun-ho.

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