Pence ignores the four-year slogans of Trump supporters at the Georgia rally

Pence ignores chants of four more years at Georgia rally as he distances himself from president

Mike Pence ignores the slogan “Four more years” from Donald Trump supporters at a Georgia rally.

Joe Biden’s victory has been reconsidered by two by a margin of nearly 13,000 votes, and election officials have already certified the result.

Mr Pence visited Georgia to support Mr Bertou in the election against John Oshoof and Senator Kelly Lofler in a match against the Rafael Warnock team.

He shook his fist as the crowd chanted “America, America” ​​at the event, but he would not participate in the “four more years” mantra, which was a key feature of the president’s maca rallies.

Instead of acknowledging the crowd, Mr Pence ignored it and waited until it was over before continuing his speech.

Throughout the campaign Mr Trump used the slogan as a shout-out and encouraged his supporters to change it to “12 more years”.

“I’m here because I stand with Donald Trump, and we stand here because we stand with David Bertou and Kelly Lofler,” Mr Pence said.

“We will never stop fighting to make America better again,” Mr Pence said.

“That’s why David Bertue and Kelly Lofler should return to a majority in the U.S. Senate.”

Although Mr Pence claimed to have cheated the Georgians into voting, they tried to reassure them that voting was safe.

“We are on them. We are watching,” Mr Pence urged supporters not to run in the election.

“We can fight for more Republicans in our presidency and Senate at the same time.”

The closest person he came to repeatedly referred to “our president”, while Mr Bertou praised “this administration.”

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