Orioles trades Jose Iglesias for Angels, non-tender honcer Alberto

Orioles trades Jose Iglesias for Angels, non-tender honcer Alberto

The Orioles pulled a big surprise move as they stared at the deadline of 2021 contracts to be awarded to their referee-qualified and pre-referee players. Oh while the world waits to see who will or will not, Athlete Ken Rosenthal said The team traded shortstop Jose Iglesias to the Angels. Orioles announced the trade soon. They got minor leagues Jean Pinto and Garrett Stallings from the Angels.

In the most anticipated conclusion, Orioles chose not to award the 2021 contract to second paceman Hancer Alberto. He is now a free agent. The Orioles 40-man list now sits at 38, which allows them to choose a Rule 5 draft – or two! – Next week.

I was eager to see what Iglesias could do with the full season’s workload at shortstop. In the compressed 2020 season he started only 22 games. Over 39 games in total, Iglesias batted.373 / .400 / .556. Maybe it gave him some value. The Orioles do not want to worry about injury risk. The previous hand-wringing about whether they would be too cheap to pick up his 2021 option may still be a factor. They have definitely given up on that salary now.

Iglesias has found it very difficult for me to trade all three of the infield moves O has made in the last two weeks. The appointment of Renato Nunes to the post is easy to justify because he holds a position with numerous other interesting players in the mix. Perhaps it is better to say that he did not hold a post.

Alberto has not been tendered and can be seen working with O in Gold Clover in conjunction with Yolmer Sanchez to improve infield security. It may be, but it’s hard to imagine that they could do better at the crossroads than Iglesias.

As for the players returning from the Orioles Angels: Pinto is a Venezuelan pitcher who will turn 20 next month. He has yet to play outside the Dominican Summer League, where he hit 19 batters in 12 innings at the age of 18 in 2019. This fact may be of interest to Mike Elias.

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Pinto signed late, last May, when he was already 18, joining the Angels organization. Amateur international players are eligible to sign when they are 16 years old. Signing in May means he’s lurking at the tail end of the 2018-19 signing period, rather than being a common opportunity to sign up as the season begins on July 2 in the non-infectious season.

Angels fifth round pick until Stallings 2019 draft. They chose him from the University of Tennessee, which was a starting pitcher. Stallings has not yet made his professional debut.

The Angels have been doing this lately, and did not introduce college pitchers favorably until next spring. The same thing happened at the Angels 2019 sixth rounder Zack Peak, which the Orioles bought with three more in the Dylan Bundy trade. Therefore, his statistics as a junior at SEC are only available. Stallings hit 106 batters and only 16 runs off 102.2 innings in his final amateur season. According to the MLP Pipeline, he was rated # 21 in the Angels organization.

In a normal year, the tender deadline is usually a formality for everyone except a few players, but there is an expectation for a regular number of non-tenders due to epidemic-related revenue interruptions affecting team budgets.

Orioles would have moved from Alberto regardless, but the circumstances, especially in conjunction with Iglesias trading, felt like saving money. They were happier with no tender than some other teams. For example, the Reds and Angels cut five players each before this deadline.

The team entered this area of ​​the offseason with eight referee-qualified players. They reduced it to seven by appointing Renato Nunes two weeks ago. G.M. Mike Elias pointed out that Nunes would not be tendered anyway. The Os reached deals in the 2021 deal with Pedro Severino on Tuesday and infielder Yolmer Sanchez on Wednesday.

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It went to O’s final time with decisions to pick up Alberto, Shawn Armstrong, Trey Mancini, Anthony Sandander and Walaiga.

The question of whether Armstrong, Mancini and Santander will be awarded the tender by 2021 never appeared. The most expensive of these players, According to MLB trade rumors predictions, Mancini is going to get a salary of 8 4.8 million again in 2020 due to not being able to play due to cancer diagnosis and recovery. This is not a big price tag for the player who posted .899 OPS in 2019.

7 Santander planned for 1.7 million and Armstrong, estimated at 000 800,000, still small expenses. Both were great in the compressed 2020 season. Armstrong took 1.80 ERA and 0.800 WHIP in 15 innings. Santander batting in 37 games he played.261 / .315 / .575. If these three players continue on the same path, it could be a different story for a year from now.

Alberto, with a projected price tag of 6 2.6 million, was in thin ice after the 2020 campaign, where he hit .283 / .306 / .393 in 54 games. It’s a good batting average, but without the gait or power to support it, it has left him below 91 OPS + on average.

When Orioles requested discounts from Sanchez White socks, Which is a big sign, they are trying to change their Light Pad second baseman to a lighter bat second baseman with a better glove. Sanchez was the 2019 Golden Glove winner. On Wednesday he reached an agreement with Orioles for $ 1 million, which confirmed his place in the near-term film.

This makes Alberto look out of place. If there is mutual interest, the Orioles can then re-sign Alberto. I would be surprised to know that Orioles is trying to get Alberto back for less money. I would say the team wants to improve safety to help young field staff, but trading Iglesias does not seem to be considered a goal.

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To me, Alberto doesn’t seem to be a candidate for anything other than a small league deal to be insured at Triple-A. That’s pretty bad because he’s been on the team for the last two seasons and it seems like a fun player. Nunes did the same. I would be happy if a fun list is listed with better players than their main league level counterparts.

Valaika brings some static versatility and potential power in the role of a right-handed bench pad. He started playing for the Orioles in 2020 at five different levels. None of them can be said to be the best, but he batted .277 / .315 / .472 in 52 games, which is the least interesting, especially with only one 1.1 million planned. He and Orioles settled on a 2021 deal within minutes of the non-tender deadline.

The blogger is 28 years old, so you probably know who he is, but you never know who Steve Pierce will be. If it doesn’t get to a point where he’s blocking an opportunity, giving him a chance won’t hurt. Since Iglesias has been traded, this statement does not apply if the Orioles think that the web is a viable option for the regular start-up shortcut. I think I saw it in 2020 to know that I don’t want to see it again.

Although Orioles has tendered these 2021 deals, there is no guarantee that all of these players will be in the opening day film. Last season, they traded the bundle within days of awarding the 2021 deal. Here we are almost a year later, Orioles has traded another senior to Angels. They traded Jonathan Villar in an explosion that lasted until the deadline last year.

Next year the Orioles are going to look different than we thought a day ago, which will make them look less fun in the beginning. The future may turn bright. For now, be nice.

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