Justin Thomas bizarrely serene at Josine Championship (by Celine Dion)

Justin Thomas scored his second shot on the 18th hole at Sherwood Country Club on Saturday.

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Justin Thomas stood behind his second shot at 447-yard, bar-4 18th hole at Sherwood Country Club. He had to hit it up to the pin for 179 yards. He had to hit it over the water in front of the green. He had to hit it over a bunker on the right.

He had to hit the song “My Heart Will Cone” by Celine Dion, you know that song from Titanic, that “NR, FOR” song.


One more time with that second paragraph.

He had to hit the song “My Heart Will Cone” by Celine Dion, you know that song from Titanic, that “NR, FOR” song.


Diane began to sing as Thomas prepared to play during the third round of the Soso Championship on Saturday. A house near the 18th turned the speaker dial to the right as far as it would go. Then it dialed the last stanza of the song.

You are here, I have nothing to fear

Announcer Dan Hicks on the Golf Channel broadcast said, “Anyone can hit the shot with Celine Dion music coming from nearby homes.

I know my heart will last

“Aha, that’s Celine Dion,” said researcher Paul Asinger.

We will always be this way

Thomas pulls.

You are safe in my heart

The ball landed 20 feet to the left of the hole. From there he will get a 5 under 67 and a shot lead to John Rahm.

“Maybe Celine lives here, it’s really her song,” said reporter Jim “Bones” McKay, who attended a few matches for Thomas earlier this year.

“You never know, bones,” Hicks said.

My heart will keep going


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