Jamie Oliver reveals how to get the right fried potatoes for Christmas dinner

Jamie Oliver reveals how to get the right fried potatoes for Christmas dinner

TV chef Jamie Oliver shared tips for getting the perfect fried potato nation for Christmas.

Although Christmas 2020 may seem very different to many families due to corona virus infection and government restrictions, many of us still look forward to at least one of our neighbors and loved ones during the festive season.

Just like being around the table reading those nasty firecracker jokes that we all hate, for most families this is definitely a part and parcel of going to a Christmas party.

Also, the pigs in the blankets, and the ever-separating sprouts, are one of the most popular parts of the feast.

Jamie, an expert on such matters, responded to calls from visitors following their help and advice for their Christmas cooking at This Morning on Thursday, including a woman who worked to make Christmas a feast for the first time.

Getting her fried potatoes right and sharing his wisdom is one of her biggest concerns, Jamie said: “Potatoes are one of the pillars of a perfect fried dinner.

“Get those potatoes – Maurice Pipers or King Edwards best – peel them and boil them for 12 minutes before straining into a strainer.

“Then you have to ‘suff’ them, which makes the exterior harder.”

Moving on, Jamie explained what to cook for them: “Then choose your fat-goose fat, olive oil or a mixture; choose your herb, maybe garlic.”

“The minute you cook your potatoes and throw away the oil they will not go black or discolored.

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“You better go – 1 hour 20 minutes in the oven.”

Jamie revealed that he knew how to bake his roasts and then put them in the freezer, and said it was an idea to put them in the fridge or in the garage.

He added on his Instagram: “As for the perfect fried potatoes, the inside is fluffy and the outside is golden and crispy, which boils everything and chops them before frying!”

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