The unrecognized autobiography of Chris Jenner reveals his true face

The unrecognized autobiography of Chris Jenner reveals his true face

Chris Jenner's unrecognized autobiography reveals his true face (INSTAGRAM)

Chris Jenner’s unrecognized autobiography reveals his true face | Instagram

Despite her 20 years on television, every detail of their lives, directly on the screens, is still kept secret by all of Kardashian Jenner’s women, and again this week, the mother’s unrecognized autobiography is being released in the United States. Of the clan, Chris Jenner, “Dirty S * xy Money” or, “Dinero S * xy Susio” in Spanish.

Written by award-winning investigative journalists Kathy Griffin and Dylan Howard, the book describes how a young woman named Chris Jenner from San Diego built an international empire that led her to become one of the most important women Hollywood.

The authors portray Jenner as a brilliant, iron-clad, ambitious woman who can lead the steps of her dynasty with a strong hand until she becomes a true metaphor. American dream.

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In biography, Chris Life He crashes from his youth, where we are told of his darkest moments; * Synodo by her friend Nicole Brown Simpson, reaction to extramarital affairs or a surprise transition from her husband Bruce to Caitlin Jenner.

Author, filmmaker, podcast producer, executive television producer and author of seven books, Howard is a controversial journalist who, in fact, is considered one of America’s most powerful entertainment directors. After United went through the most important and popular media companies in its region.

The author, who presented his book exclusively for Spain, spoke to ABC about his vision of the planet’s most important ‘manager’, who has been running a reality show for 20 years, making Kardashians one of the most important dynasties in history. Recently and American in entertainment.

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Considering the fact that he wrote in Family Media, Howard noted: “I loved inquiring about this advertised family, especially since I was an editor of all the newspapers in the United States except“ People ”.

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Similarly, the author says that he was not ashamed when covering controversial topics, and that he was not afraid to read or go into Chris’ life. Rabbit Hole said, “We have found enough evidence to publish this book without fear of any consequences. Our job is a forensic examination, from leaving San Diego to becoming the ruthless mother who built the billion dollar empire. He’s been a huge success and is the epitome of the American dream. ”

Chris’ modus operandi has always been on a social level, and for the first time he discovered a love of professional golf and traveled the world on his hands, and after that relationship she moved to Beverly Hills, where she met Robert Kardashian, who was an influential lawyer. J. Introduced to the Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson couple.

After they split up, she met Bruce Jenner, now Caitlin Jenner, and apparently Chris has always valued her relationship and friendship, which has badly affected the lives of her children based on what she can achieve.

What happens in Tao today after Kim and Kanye divorce? The first and most important thing for Kardashian genre brand Chris is that when a relationship begins to tarnish its identity, men are exhausted in their lives and there is a long list of men who, when they lose the right to hug, walk away from their lives .

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Kardashian Jenners is a magnet for advertising because they have become addicted to fame and fortune as a result of their success because it can be very difficult for them to get away from the center of their focus, the queens of social networks, a platform that allows them to interact directly with their millions of fans.

For his part, Chris Jenner has built an empire that he equates to a billion-dollar business on the shoulders of a family, and this book tells the story of his ambition and how ruthless he is to win. Those million dollars.

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