Adelaide Festival Art Establishment Plastic Pack Store Largely Supports Grocery Absurdity

Adelaide Festival Art Establishment Plastic Pack Store Largely Supports Grocery Absurdity

New Yorker Robin Frohard was so shocked to find a mummy in his shopping plastic, so he was forced to act.

She found a shop assistant bag and double bag of groceries in a town in her hometown.

“It felt so ridiculous to me,” he recalled.

This is the look of The Plastic Pack Store, one of the highlights of the 2021 Adelaide Festival program.

In the “Shop” will be set Former Harris Scarf Department Store at Randall Mall during the festival, Which runs from February 26 to March 14.

Its products are similar to everyday products Pots of ice cream, mixed salads and fruit and vegetables Except they are all made of plastic bags.

Plastic bags designed for vegetables in the grocery refrigerator.
The plastic bag store features “vegetables” made with colored packaging.(Provided)

There are cardboard boxes like pizzas and orange plastic bag juice that offer “hot melti bags in your mouth in minutes” and they “lovingly offer you only the finest orange plastic bags from Florida”.

Play that connects together

Creating the show, which included a film and store guided tour, came with its own plays.

It is set to open in Manhattan’s Times Square earlier this year, before the COVID-19 crisis hits big time and privately affects the Brooklyn-based artist.

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“My boyfriend owned it, and two of my collaborators owned it,” Frohard said.

“Our show was supposed to open in March and of course we closed three days ago,” he admitted.

The smiling woman in the yellow t-shirt in the grocery store aisle grabbed a plastic bun of fake blueberries.
Fox blueberries are among the products featured in Robin Frohart’s The Plastic Pack Store.(Provided)

It eventually reopened, playing to a strictly restricted audience.

Now she and five others are preparing to fly to Adelaide in February, where they will undergo mandatory two-week isolation before setting up a plastic bag store.

The United States is ahead of Australia in terms of plastics

Frohard was impressed by the gains Australia has made in reducing the use of plastic bags.

“I think you were able to pass Additional law relating to single-use plastics.

“I think we can better understand the issues with single-use packaging; I think it will take some time. [in America]. ”

Coming from a background in theater and puppetry, Frohard has in recent years focused only on garbage and waste.

Black plastic bottles covered with Coca-Cola-SQ labels 'Plastic-Crop Classic'
The installation works on popular consumer products such as soft drinks.(Provided)

She worries about where the world is going.

“I get frustrated, I do, maybe this is my coping mechanism, try to tell an interesting story and make people laugh in a new way to think about things – to think about these things that can sometimes feel too much, you think it’s kind of blocking them out and confronting them , “He said.

As American corona virus cases continue to rise Back in the bunker in New York, Frohard is looking forward to blocking his career and coming to Australia.

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“There is no theater, no show, no crowd, no events,” he explained.

“It’s definitely a challenge for artists now.”

Not all of the trash used in The Plastic Pack Store is locally sourced – it was found on the streets and in bins in New York.

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