Everything in ‘Fortnight’ Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Boss is here

Everything in 'Fortnight' Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Boss is here

Well done Galactus No. Actually eat the Fortnight map yesterday, so we survived to see the Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 5 release today.

This is despite the obvious plastering of The Montessori throughout the war pass No. A Star Wars-themed season following the Marvel-themed season, but it is There is A bounty hunter themed season, so his presence. The idea is that Jones stops the best bounty hunters in all realities விஷய things that escape from the zero point, the connective tissue that connects all realities (and different IPs) together.

So, what are you going to get if you go out to war this time? Little, but this is an odd system.


When he’s the only Star Wars leather for the bunch, he is There is The main focus of the battle in both Tier 1 and Tier 100 skin is that even the Baby Yoda Bag Bling gets stuck in the Tier 100 level and motivates you to go that far (or the money to go there).

The main focus of the season seems to be improving the different parts of the Montorilian armor from normal plating to glossy pessary, and I hope you will get a new armor at every 20 levels or when you open a new leather, achievable in Tier 100 with the full pessary set. At least now it appears how it works.

Other hunters

There are definitely more hunters than Manto, and from what I can say they appear to be more original works from the epic than any other licensed property. They are all beautiful. Featuring Space Ranger Reese, Pancake Cowboy Mancake, Shapshifter Barbarian Mave, Angry Ghost Condor, Anime Asami Lexa (complete in cell shading) and Gladiator Menace. The full set can be seen in a separate post here.

These jobs vary. Some of them, for example Maeve and Menus, open up different styles when you place them in layers like we saw last season. Others like Condor and Lexa instead have the transformational emotions that open you up like Marvel heroes. Manto, again, is on the 100 ranking quest to get his whole new look, although he may have more stealth styles than that.

Other cosmetics

As expected, each layer contains a cosmetic with its adjacent skin. Highlights include things like Razor Crest, which you can initially open as a glider:

A curved… pancake gun you know who:

Could some kind of shark tail for May work as a glider? I can’t say for sure:

Some double flaws for our gladiator:

Those are the ones that jump to me, but there are a lot of fantastic things out there.

Rather than going into some sort of central world where all the hunters stand around like the last few seasons, Fortnight has gone back to a traditional look for the Port Pass you jump straight into. It seems that each of these hunters brought with them a portion of their map, which I am now going to explore.

Is it worth buying? Until you. But I’m not going to go through that manto skin and epic Know I need to grind Baby Yoda now. Sorry, crook.

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